What should I do if the fishing line is entangled? What are the reasons for the entanglement of the fishing line?


In the process of fishing, some accidents often occur, […]

In the process of fishing, some accidents often occur, especially for beginners. Every time the rod is thrown, the accident will happen that the sub-lines are entangled together, and it takes a lot of time to solve it, which is annoying. So how to solve this problem from the root?


1. The reason of the sub-line
Many fishermen do not know much about the material of the sub-line, and some sub-lines are prone to static electricity, which makes it easy to get tangled together. Secondly, the thinner the strands, the easier it is to get tangled together. Therefore, everyone try to use a good fishing line, and at the same time pay special attention to the fish condition. Also, when tying the hook, do not pull the sub-line too hard, so that the sub-line is easily deformed and entangled.


2. Reasons for lead skin
When fishing, the rig will definitely be adjusted, and the lead will definitely be increased or reduced when the adjustment is made. When adding lead sheets, if the small lead sheets are too large, the other end of the lead sheets will rise. When the rod is lifted, the lead sheet will rotate quickly and easily become entangled.



3. The reason for the eight-character ring
The figure-of-eight ring is mainly used to connect the main line and the sub-line. When fishing, the sub-line may rotate. At this time, the figure-eight ring can eliminate the entanglement of the two sub-lines when they rotate. Therefore, fishermen try to choose a figure ring with a more flexible rotation speed.


4. Hook reason
The reason why there is a hook with a restrained tip is that it is easy to get off the hook and run the fish during the fishing process. Although this has nothing to do with the entanglement of the sub-line, the hook tip of the hook faces the hook shape on the other side. When the rod is raised, if the sub-line rotates rapidly, the sub-line will be entangled. Therefore, when choosing a hook, be sure to check whether the hook is sideways.


5. Reasons for space beans
Space beans generally do not have too much twist on the sub-wires. Therefore, if the space beans are not properly selected, the sub-wires are easier to wind. When fishermen choose space beans, they still have to choose carefully.