How to maintain fishing gear to last longer


For senior fishing enthusiasts, a good set of fishing g […]

For senior fishing enthusiasts, a good set of fishing gear can make you full of harvest, so the price of their fishing gear is relatively expensive. If such a set of expensive fishing gear cannot be properly maintained when not in use, its service life will be shortened. Very short-lived, leading to overspending on buying new ones. Share with you about the maintenance of fishing gear.


Maintenance and storage of fishing rods
During long-term use, the fishing rod will be contaminated with a lot of alkaline or acidic stains and dust. If it is not cleaned in time, it will corrode and wear the surface coating of the fishing rod and the inner wall of the fishing rod, shortening the life of the fishing rod. Remove the front and rear plugs of the fishing rod, then pull out the fishing rod section by section, erect it in the clear water basin, scoop water into the upper mouth of the fishing rod, or directly wash it with a nozzle, rinse it off with a soft cotton cloth to dry the water, Put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry, do not expose to the sun.



Maintenance and storage of fishing line
The fishing line that has been in the water should be gently passed with a damp and soft cotton cloth or towel before storage. The main spool of the winding should be as round as possible to avoid blunt curling during winding. You can also store the lead seat in the body of the fish reel to avoid the main line being wound on the floating seat or space beans. The winding force should not be too tight to prevent the fishing line or sub-line from losing its original elasticity and recovery. The main line and sub-line can be stored in a cool and dry place at room temperature away from light.

Float maintenance and storage
Do not use any cleaning agent when cleaning the float, just soak the float with water, then wipe it with a soft cotton cloth, and then put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry. It is important to save the float. It does not mean that it is directly placed in the float box. The washed and dried float is inserted vertically into a flat plastic foam or the sea surface. The foam and the sea surface are placed on the table horizontally. In this way, the lowering of gravity will not be distributed to the floating body vertically up and down.


Fish hook maintenance and storage
Scrub the fish hook without rust with a cotton cloth and dry it in a ventilated and dark place. If the hook tip becomes dull or there is a small amount of rust on the fishing body, apply a little oil and then use a magic stone to grind off the rust, and it can be used again. Coat the treated fishing hook with a thin layer of oil, put it in a plastic bag, then put it in a desiccant, and store it in a dry place at room temperature away from light.