Preparing for fishing


For fishing and fishing clubs, some people have more th […]

For fishing and fishing clubs, some people have more than ten years of experience, while others are newcomers who have just fallen in love with this sport. For the elderly, the preliminary preparations for fishing are well understood. For a newcomer, what are the essential preparations before fishing? How to choose a good set of fishing gear?

Line set
The line set is composed of bus bar, space bean, buoy house, lead sheet seat, figure-eight ring and sub-line.

1. Let’s start from the top for simplicity. (1) The bus line, the line connected to the fishing rod, is generally around 1.5-3, divided into nylon line and carbon line. The nylon line is cheap and suitable for beginners, while the carbon price is expensive.
2. The buoy seat is used for inserting buoys. It is divided into small, medium and large. The size of the buoy seat is determined according to the thickness of the buoy tail.
3. The lead sheet seat is used to wrap the lead sheet. When fishing, you can increase or decrease the lead sheet to adjust the mesh number of the buoy. There are generally two types sold on the market. One is the lead sheet seat with a ring. Use this It can replace the eight-character ring, which is equivalent to the lead seat with the eight-character ring, which is very convenient. There is also an ordinary lead seat.
4. Space beans are used to set the "clamps" for determining the lead seat and the buoy seat. A bag of space beans is generally 6, just to make a set of line groups. One. The size of the space bean is determined by the fineness of the main line.
5. The eight-character ring, the connector used to connect the main line and the sub-line, looks like an "8", so it is called the eight-character ring.
6. Sub-line, the line used to tie the hook, the thickness is half the size of the busbar of the line group. For example, if a 1.5-gauge busbar is used, the sub-line is 0.8. This is to protect the safety of the buoy. Tangents are just sub-lines and do not affect floats.
7. Fish hooks. Beginners should use 3-4 Iseni hooks. No barbs. If the hooks with barbs are hooked, the fishermen will be very painful, so use non-barb hooks.



One of the very important equipment for anglers, a good buoy makes the fish more prepared and lasts longer, but it is expensive. Beginners using buoys recommend the boat series, which are cheap but easy to use.


Fishing rod
The most basic tool for anglers, beginners can be equipped with a 3.6m or 4.5m rod. Carbon is lightweight but expensive. The price of FRP is cheap, but the weight is heavy, and it will feel tired after a long time of use.


Fishing accessories
1. The frame rod is used to frame the fishing rod, which can save a lot of effort, and you don’t need to hold the fishing rod with your old hands.
2, fish protection.
3. Fish copy, try to buy fish copy with small mesh, so the fish copied will be much more honest.
4. Fishing box, used for sitting, can also connect fishing equipment (rods, fish guards, bait pots, parasols, etc.), which are optional fishing tackles.
5. Sunshade, I feel it is a must-have item, otherwise it would be too hard if there is no sunshade when the sun is high in summer.


Beginners can use commercial bait first.

For beginners, a good set of fishing equipment is half the battle. There are many options for fishing gear, but the one that suits you is good.