What kind of fishing gear is good for stream fishing?


One, pole The first choice is the stream special pole. […]

One, pole
The first choice is the stream special pole. The so-called stream-dedicated pole is the エ in Japanese. This kind of fishing rod is rarely produced by domestic manufacturers, and it is generally used in three-seven, four-six and five-five tunes. The rod body is very light, taking a 4.5-meter fishing rod as an example, its dead weight is 50 to 65 grams. In this way, even if you wave for a day, you won't feel tired. Although the crucian rod can be used, it does not feel as good as fish on a stream fishing rod.


Two, hook
For fishing in streams, thin hooks are often used. No. 1 to 3 can be used. But there is a difference between barbed hook and barbless. Barbed hooks are not easy to escape, but they can cause serious damage to stream fish and are not suitable for release after fishing. Barbed hooks are generally used to reduce damage to fish and facilitate release after fishing.


Three, line
Use high-quality transparent thread. The main line should not exceed 0.6, and the brain line should not exceed 0.4. The main line is the same length as the pole or slightly longer, and the length of the brain line is about 10-15 cm. In this way, while ensuring the sensitivity, the range of the brain line swinging in the water can be increased, thereby producing a fish attracting effect. If the water is shallow, the brain line can be shortened appropriately.

Fourth, float
In stream fishing, there are many options for drifting, and the short standing drift is more sensitive than centipede drifting and other lying drifting. According to different flow rates and water surface conditions, appropriately choose floats. If the current is more rapid, it is best to choose a circular stream for fishing.


Five, bait
In stream fishing, bait should be selected according to the situation and different fish. If you are fishing for bottom fish, consider using red earthworms as bait. Most of the fish you catch are crucian carp, Qiaozui and grouper. If you are fishing for surface fish, the bait depends on the fish. For fish such as minnows floating on the water, flies and other flying insects can be used as bait. When the fish saw flying insects, they rushed to swallow them. If you are fishing for floating grass carp, use pumpkin vine as bait, which is easy to hook, can float on the water, and can cause grass carp to swallow


Six, fishing group
The main line and the brain line are connected with a glue O-ring, which can generate resistance, increase the swing of the hook and bait in the water, and improve the simulation effect. The floating seat can be fixed with a platform fishing floating seat, plus space beans, or a special floating seat for streams.


Seven, fall
You can use No. 8 lead bite (this is a very small lead shot), or you can use a fuse instead. According to the rapidity of the water flow, appropriately increase or reduce the weight of the fall. At the end of the main line, very fine fuses can be used for fine adjustment.