Carp fishing skills in summer, autumn and winter


Summer carp fishing tips (1) Watch the weather and go f […]

Summer carp fishing tips

(1) Watch the weather and go fishing

① The carp is smart but afraid of light and likes to live in a darker environment. Therefore, when fishing for carp in summer, you can choose to fish on a cloudy day or after heavy rain, because the sun is not strong on cloudy days and after heavy rain, and the oxygen content in the water rises after the rain, and the carp in the water will also Very active, don’t miss it if you want to catch carp at this time.

② When the temperature drops, the water temperature will also drop, and the oxygen content in the water will increase relatively. At this time, the carp in the water is also very active, and basically they will come out to move and forage.

(2) Watch the time to go fishing

① Summer is not very hot at the beginning, the temperature in early summer is not too hot, and the water temperature is more suitable for carp to come out. Therefore, in the early summer, it is generally possible to fish from 8 am to 7 pm.

②In midsummer, the temperature at noon will be extremely high, the appetite of the carp in the water will become relatively poor, and the sun's rays at noon will be stronger, and the carp will generally hide in the darker waters of the deep water to escape the heat. It is better to go fishing in the morning and evening. In the morning and evening, the temperature of the water is not too high, and the light is not too strong, which is more suitable for carp to come out for activities and foraging.

Tips for carp fishing in autumn

(1) Selection skills of fishing position

When we are fishing for carp, we will choose to be near the shallows, because carp is naturally cold, and it will be cool in autumn, so we will swim in places with plenty of sun, and there are many small creatures going back and forth in places with plenty of water and grass. Wandering, food is sufficient, often near reservoirs and dams, naturally formed islands or places with shallow bays, the bottom of the terrain will be more complicated, the easiest to find carp, so the choice of fishing position still needs some geographical knowledge.

(2) Time selection skills

We all know that carp likes the sun, so we should pay attention to choosing sunny weather in the choice of time. The fishing time on sunny days will only be in the morning and evening, and when we go fishing for carp in cloudy weather, due to the weather It is gloomy, so the carp’s activity will be higher than usual, and the water temperature will be cooler, and the rest of the small fish and shrimps will become active. At this time, the carp’s foraging time will be extended. The best way to catch carp is The time is after the thunderstorm, because the weather is extremely comfortable at this time, and the carp has a high bait rate.


Tips for carp fishing in winter

(1) Fishing position selection skills

In winter, carp has low activity and weak appetite for food, and most of the carp swim to deep water when it is cold. Therefore, when fishing carp with a pole in winter, try to choose the protruding parts of the tip as possible. Especially when wild fishing in unfamiliar waters, because you are unfamiliar with the water conditions, you should choose those prominent places for your fishing position. Because the closer you are to the deep water, the greater the probability of hitting the hook.

(2) Nesting skills

Carp don't eat much bait in winter, so how can you lure it to open when you are fishing for carp? The key is to lay a good nest! In winter, you should choose heavy-flavor bait, such as special bait and rice. The taste of rice wine is very strong, and the effect of gathering fish to keep fish is very good, and the rice wine lasts for a long time after entering the water, which can well lure carps into the nest to eat. Therefore, when fishing in winter, choose heavy bait for nesting!

(3) Funny fish skills

In winter, carp fishing can be used to lure the fish to eat the bait and bite the hook, and the effect is also very good. The specific method is to make the bait move slightly in the water by picking the rod to simulate the state of live bait. But the action must be light. After the float is in place, the hook bait will fall naturally. After the hook bait is in place, lift the rod lightly to make the hook bait move up, and then fall naturally again, so as to achieve the purpose of attracting fish.