What is the difference between a sea pole and a hand pole


The difference between sea pole and hand pole: (1) Thro […]

The difference between sea pole and hand pole:
(1) Throwing far:
The sea rod has sufficient storage line, and has lead weights and bait groups. It is easy to throw it into waters dozens of meters away, and experienced anglers can throw it to a hundred meters away. All kinds of big fish mostly live in the deep water areas on the far shore, and rarely swim in the shallow water areas near the shore. Therefore, throwing far creates conditions for catching big fish.


(2) The bait is good enough to attract fish:
Bomb hooks (group hooks) are mostly used for sea rods. The bait is squeezed into an egg-sized bait, or even a fist-sized bait group. 6~10 fishing baits are wrapped in it. After such a large bait group enters the water, it will naturally form a bait point. The big fish on the far shore When you see the food delivered to your door, how can you easily let it go, so you come to forage. Due to the large amount of bait, it is difficult for the fish to finish it for a while, which has a long-lasting effect of attracting fish. In addition, there are many hooks, and the fish are often easy to swallow the hook by mistake when feeding, and the more hooks also increase the chance of getting hooked.


(3) It is difficult for the big fish to escape:
The sea rod has a reel, with a sufficient amount of fishing line stored on it, and a traction device. After catching a big fish, the line can be released and retracted at will, giving full play to the advantages of the reel, and can adjust the traction The force device can effectively control the momentum of the fish, making it difficult for the fish to break the fishing line. However, when a big fish is caught with a hand rod, there is much less room for manoeuvre. Many times, the big fish can only watch the big fish break the fishing line, or even break the fishing rod and escape.



(4) Not afraid of wind and waves interference:
Generally, the sea rod does not need to float. It transmits the information of fish bite by looking at the tip of the rod or listening to the bell ringing. As long as the tip of the rod shakes up and down, or the bell rings loudly, it is known that the fish has been hooked. The wind and waves have no effect on the bite of the fish. . In addition, when the wind is strong and the waves are rough, many fish are submerged in the deep water, and it is even more difficult for the hand pole to function.


(5) It is more labor-saving:
Unlike the hand rod, the sea rod does not need to stare at the float. The small bell transmits the hook information, which can protect the eyesight and prevent people from getting too tired. Especially in the hot summer and high temperature season, there is no need to hold the fishing rod in the hot sun. , but you can sit in the shade to observe, wait for the bell to ring and lift the pole. Another angler can take care of several sea rods at the same time, whichever bell rings and which one lifts, which can improve the fishing rate.


(6) Greater flexibility:
The sea rod can not only be used for bottom fishing, but also can be thrown to distant waters for floating fishing; not only can it be used with bomb hooks, but also with string hooks; it can not only be used for day fishing, but also suitable for night fishing.

However, there are some deficiencies in the sea pole. For example, the small bell or the tip of the pole is not sensitive enough to transmit the information of the fish's bite. Often the fish will only react when the hook is killed, so many favorable opportunities for raising the pole are missed; it is not suitable for areas with dense aquatic plants. Fishing, because it is easy to hang grass; because there are many bomb bait, it is necessary to prepare sufficient bait, and the cost is high.