How to choose the right hook


1. Which hook is best to use? Different hooks are used […]

1. Which hook is best to use?
Different hooks are used to catch different fish. For example, the sleeve hook is the most commonly used for crucian fishing, the New Kanto hook is the most commonly used for carp fishing, the Izu hook is mainly used for catfish and blackfish fishing, the Iseni hook is the most commonly used for herring fishing, and the ball is the most commonly used for bass fishing. The most commonly used fish hook for fishing snapper is the Qianyu hook.


2. Choose according to the fishing scene
Fishing is generally divided into two types: wild fishing and commercial fishing ponds. The environment of wild fishing is complex, so the selection range of wild fishing hooks is very large, and there are no special requirements for hook types. It is recommended that you choose thicker hooks and a moderate size. fish hook. For commercial fishing pond fishing, the selection of the size and type of the hook should be more rigorous and simpler, because the fish in the fishing ground are all artificially raised, and their body size, weight, and activity are similar, and the types of fish are basically the same.



3. How to choose the size and model of fishing hook
The size of the hook is also important and should match the individual size of the target fish. If the hook is too large, it will increase the difficulty of the fish biting the hook, and if the hook is too small, it will easily cause the fish to run away. For example, when fishing for crucian carp below 2 taels, use a sleeve hook below No. 2, use a 2-5 tael for crucian carp, use a 2-4 sleeve hook, and use a 4-6 sleeve hook for more than 5 taels.


4. Fish hook quality selection
Generally speaking, there are three main requirements for a good hook: toughness, toughness, and profit. The hook body is smooth and the hook tip is sharp, and it is not easy to break or deform when encountering big fish.