What are the commonly used fish and how to store and maintain


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The fishing industry uses a lot of fishing gear, and its correct use and maintenance are of great significance for reducing costs, improving economic benefits, and extending the use period. To do a good job in the storage of fishing gear, we must first understand the physical and chemical properties of various fishing gear. For example, some production units expose ethylene and nylon meshes to open-air exposure for a long period of time, resulting in a decrease in the strength of the net line and a reduction in the use period of fishing gear, often resulting in greater economic losses. Therefore, the storage and maintenance of fishing gear should pay attention to the following points:


(1) Before storing fishing gear, the dirt on the fishing gear.Such as mud, fish greasy and other attachments, should be washed with fresh water, then dried, and the floating, sinking and other attachments should be removed and stored separately. Before storage, the hook should be cleaned, sharpened, coated with anti-rust oil, and then stored in a dry place.


(2) The storage place should maintain air circulation without direct sunlight. For a small number and small size fishing gear, it can be tied and hung on the roof beam. The fishing gear with large quantity and large volume should be stored in a warehouse with high foundation and good ventilation conditions.


(3) Check during storage. When the weather is clear and the air is dry, open the doors and windows of the warehouse to allow air circulation. In the case of rain or high temperature, the doors and windows of the warehouse should be strictly closed, do not open at will. Attention should be paid to the warehouse during the rainy season or the hot summer season, because the nets and ropes made of plant fibers are prone to mold. Once the weather is clear, they should be exposed to the sun to dry, and if necessary, spray fungicides. Pay attention to the work of killing insects and rodents in the warehouse.

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(4) Although synthetic fibers have better corrosion resistance than plant fibers, some synthetic fibers such as acrylic and nylon, etc., will also produce mildew spots under high temperature and high humidity for a long time, and the material strength will also be affected. influences. Therefore, these fishing gears made of synthetic fibers should also be ventilated and dry. Most synthetic fibers lack good sunlight resistance. Do not expose fishing gears made of such materials to long-term exposure to sunlight. Some synthetic fiber mesh sheets should not be folded excessively, so as not to affect the strength of the network cable and reduce the service life.


(5) The fishing gear should be washed and debris removed during the operation or the operation is temporarily ended. This is not only closely related to the fishing effect, but also important to the protection of the fishing gear. If you do not remove the debris attached to the mesh, the mesh will tear due to uneven forces when you are working.