The principle of Drift Seat and the characteristics of different Drift Seat types


Drift Seating characteristics For the same volume, sphe […]

Drift Seating characteristics
For the same volume, spheres in various shapes have the smallest surface area, so the closer to the shape of the sphere, the smaller the surface area. Various bleaching types such as short jujube nucleus, middle jujube nucleus, long jujube nucleus, mid-long slender body, slender body, etc. can be regarded as the gradual evolution of the Drift Seating body from the sphere to the ends The amount of stretching is not necessarily the same, generally less and more, which also forms the difference between the end shoulder and the sliding shoulder), the premise is established as the body volume, Drift Seat feet, Drift Seat thickness, Drift Seat tail The length and the total length of the Drift Seat remain unchanged, only the Drift Seat is lengthening and the Drift Seat foot is shortening, then the Drift Seat shoulder (referring to the largest diameter part of the Drift Seat) is shrinking in sequence, but the surface area is increasing in turn. When the Drift Seating shoulder is reduced, the resistance of the water when moving downward is small; when the surface area is increased, it shows that the horizontal contact surface with the water expands, which makes the horizontal damping effect of the water larger, and the force point distribution is more uniform. . This can be easily seen:

1. The adapted fish situation
The shorter the shoulder width and the shorter the Drift Seat, the slower the descent, the longer the travel time, which is convenient for the fish to find and catch the bait group. The body is the most unfavorable. The longer it is, the shorter the empty time. The Drift Seating fishing interface does not have an advantage. Warner International should choose a slender body and a medium-length body. The performance of buoyancy and bottom fishing is a pair of contradictions, which can not be taken into account. The long jujube is more comprehensive, but it is only sacrificed by both parties.

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2. Stability
This stability refers to the situation when the fish is disturbed by wind and waves, and the Drift Seat Drift Seats up and down when the fish is eating. There is no displacement. The longer the Drift Seat, the larger the surface area and the greater the resistance of water. , The distribution is more uniform, of course, more stable.

3. Anti-water walking ability
In general, the water has a continuous flow trend in one direction. The Drift Seat has a displacement. The short and medium dates with small surface area show less stress and better resistance to water. Ability, pay attention to this difference from the previous point.

4. Rugged and durable
The thicker the Drift Seating foot interface is, the less likely it is to burst. Of course, the joint strength of the long body Drift Seat foot is also satisfactory, the key lies in the control of personal pole strength.

5. Rollover speed
Due to the stress of the Drift Seating surface area, the short jujube and middle jujube cores are naturally faster than the long jujube core, mid-long body and slender body. In addition, if the overall length of the Drift Seat increases, the slower the rollover.

6. Sensitivity
The sensitivity of the Drift Seat is exactly the same as its descending characteristics. The faster the descending, the higher the sensitivity, because the dangling fisherman catches the lower mouth, and the long body is of course more sensitive than the short body.