Advantages of skating and fishing group collocation and points of collocation.


1. Advantages Rock poles were originally used for rock […]

1. Advantages

Rock poles were originally used for rock fishing, but with the integration of various fishing methods, more and more fishing techniques are available. For example, traditional fishing includes food fishing, bait fishing and cannon to Taiwan fishing, traditional fishing dipping rice fishing to Taiwan fishing hemp fishing. The drift-adjusting technique of Taiwan fishing also affects the traditional method of drift-adjusting and drifting. There are more and more fishing methods with more local characteristics, which are well known by more and more fishing friends, such as Qixing Drift, Hook Fishing, Lunch Box Fishing and so on.

Rock pole skating fishing team, you need to choose a rock pole of at least 5.4, this length is convenient for hand pole use, but also convenient for long-range use, so that it can cover more fishing grounds and fishing spots. Generally speaking, in the freshwater fishing, the long-range fishing method uses less drift, which also causes many long-range fishing methods to be boring, and basically can only catch the bottom. Floating long shot is added, and it is skating, so that you can achieve the purpose of fishing close and floating bottom. It can be equipped with a variety of fishing groups such as single hook, double hook and string hook. The water area is fully covered and the water layer is fully covered. , Naturally is a very strong fishing method.

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2.The main points of the fishing team
In fact, there are many changes in the collocation of the skating fishing group. There is no completely consistent fishing method. Different anglers may choose different collocations. For example, some fishermen like to use two lead sinkers. The lead sinkers can be detached, and a lead sheet seat is covered with lead sheet, which is convenient for adjusting the float and matching the floats that eat different lead. Some fishing friends use the floating ring seat of the metal ring to wear directly on the main line. Some fishing friends choose to use a sea bean to wear on the main line, and then the sea bean is connected to the Drift Seat. But no matter how flexible it is, the same principle applies. The skating fishing team can be used not only with rock poles, but also with raft fishing and ice fishing.

Use a space bean at the lower end to prevent the Drift Seat from sliding down, which can reduce the situation that the floating tail is wrapped around the strand. Then put on the float seat or sea bean, then use a plastic bean, semi-circular gear bean, and fishermen to use plastic beads to block the float seat or sea bean, and finally use a cotton knot to block the gear bean, thus forming a float fishing group . Why is there a cotton knot? The cotton knot is too small, does not affect the outgoing or take-up, this is not comparable to space beans, but because it is too small, it can not block the Drift Seat, so between the cotton knot and the Drift Seat, add one can be on the fishing line Sliding up, can block the accessories such as the beads and the beans of the Drift Seat. In this way, the float seat can be slid between the lower space bean and the upper cotton thread. If you want to fish deeper, adjust the position of the cotton thread.