Use of fishhook and various accessories


1.fishhook. The most basic requirements for fishing hoo […]

The most basic requirements for fishing hooks are good penetration, high strength, and strong hooks, which are suitable for different forms of hanging baits. According to the type or shape, the fish hooks on the market can be said to be various, the colors are gold, silver, black, red, etc., and the models are more complicated. The different types of fishhook are mainly reflected in the shape of the hook tip, the width of the hook bottom, the thickness of the hook bar, the length of the hook body, the presence or absence of barbs, and the position of the barbs.

2.Pin-type connection ring.
It is a small tool that is hung on the bottom of an external dandan cone or vertical buoy to connect with a wire group. It is looped around the main line, and the pin is used to hang the buoy. When the buoy needs to be replaced, the buoy can be replaced directly from the pin without readjusting other parts of the line group, which is very convenient to use.

3. Load-bearing ring lead
The load-bearing ring lead is the product of combining the character ring with the function of biting lead. This thing not only has the function of the character ring but also bears the function of biting or heavy falling. It is mostly used in the mobile fishing group that hits the bottom directly.