How to choose a fishing swivel?


The size of the swivel ring ranges from small to large, […]

The size of the swivel ring ranges from small to large, smaller than rice grains and larger than fists. The largest swivel ring used in freshwater and stillwater suspension fishing is not just the size of soybeans, and the most commonly used is not the size of rice. The swivel ring is mostly made of aluminum alloy, and its strength is generally not a problem for fishing. The use of the swivel ring depends on the thickness of the line to select the size. The swivel ring ring has three functions: it connects the main line of the brain line; it is the first link that the brain line transmits the bait signal to the main line; it is an important match in the pendant fishing line group Heavy parts.

Many fishermen often only pay attention to selecting the size of the swivel according to the size of the fishing species, but not the influence of the weight-volume ratio of the fish on the signal transmission of the fish bait. The resistance will also be much larger than in the air; the resistance generated by hearing when the momentary rapid displacement has a greater effect on signal transmission. If you want to catch a good fish, please fishermen must recognize this problem. Because the smaller the overall resistance of the line group in the water, the faster the signal transmission rate of the fishing line, the more accurate and obvious the signal displayed on the float. Now return to the size of the swivel: while considering the strength of the swivel used, we must pay attention to the problem of using the same small volume swivel.