4 kinds of 8-shaped ring and main line sub-line connection method


Fishing people generally know that the 8-shaped ring pl […]

Fishing people generally know that the 8-shaped ring plays a good connection role when fishing, so every angler attaches great importance to the method of binding the 8-shaped ring. If the tying is not good, it is easy to disconnect the fish and run, and tying the 8-shaped ring is also an important part to ensure the catch of the fish. Here are four ways of tying the 8-shaped ring.
There are generally two types of strands that are tied to the fishhook. The first is a knotted strand and the second is a non-knotted strand. It mainly depends on how the fishermen themselves chose. In addition, the two different strands and 8-ring binding methods are also different. There are about four.The main line and the 8-letter ring binding method also have two types of binding methods. The first is the single-strand binding method, and the second is the double-strand binding method.

1, 8 ring and strand
2 fishing line strand and main line loop connection
3 fishing main line 8 character ring binding method
Double-strand binding method for 4 fishing main lines and 8-shaped rings