Under what circumstances should a hard rod be used for fishing


There are long and short fishing rods, as well as soft […]

There are long and short fishing rods, as well as soft and hard points
The advantage of a hard rod is that it returns faster, especially when fishing one catty to three catties of crucian carp and carp, the fishing time with a hard rod is at least twice as short as that of a soft one. When fishing about one catty of crucian carp At times, hard rods can fly or even knock, so most athletes and black pit fishermen like to use harder rods.


What other situations should we use hard poles?
In waters where there are many aquatic plants and obstacles, if you catch a larger fish (500-1000g), the soft rod has to be walked in the water. It is easy to be surrounded by the aquatic plants and obstacles by the fish, causing the line to break and the fish to escape, while the hard rod To deal with such a large fish, you can directly lift it ashore, or lift it to the surface, and pull it to your side without being caught by obstacles and water plants. It saves time. For a large fish of about 3000 grams, you can also lift the fish to the water meter at a time. Do not make it struggle to channel water.

In competitive fishing, Taiwanese athletes also use hard-adjusted fishing rods instead of neutral rods, let alone soft-adjusted rods. Although the hard-adjusted rods are hard, they are still gentle and smooth. In order to fish faster and fish more, 100-200 grams of small fish can be directly lifted ashore, and the soft-adjusted rod cannot be lifted, which wastes time. It can also fly 300-500 grams of big crucian and bream directly ashore to save time and fish more.

However, in small water, fishing special small fish (such as crucian carp, shark, tortoise, dace, etc.), leisure fishing in streams, it is not a competition, but a soft rod is better, the soft rod is soft and comfortable, and it feels good after catching the fish. The seaside trestle and beach catch small fish, squid, and prawns. The elderly, women and children also like to use soft rods. Relatively speaking, soft rods are more entertaining and suitable for fishing entertainment, but not suitable for competitive fishing.



How to choose a hard-tuned fighting pole?
We first know that the fighting rod evolved from the tilapia rod, which has the function of flying fish conveniently, quickly and powerfully to control the fish. The hardness of the fighting rod is marked by H, from 2H to 8H, such as a certain 3H fighting rod, number 3. Represents the level of hardness, the larger the number, the higher the hardness.

Advantages of fighting rods: smooth lifting of the rod in actual combat, light loading of fish, and good unloading power, so that you can handle both big fish and small fish in the middle of fishing. The fish of about 7 catties can easily go ashore in 3 minutes. It is a fishing rod with a very low rate of breakage. The weight of the pole is not terrible, the key is not to be heavy without being tiring.

Flying fish in fishing means that after the middle fish, the fish is pulled from the bottom of the water to the surface of the water. From the surface of the water, the whole process of using the elasticity of the pole to fly into the fish guard is called flying fish.

Old fishing friends know that soft rods must be lighter, hard rods will be slightly heavier, because the strength and toughness of real carp rods are several times that of ordinary fishing rods, so the weight is directly proportional!

When flying fish, pay attention to the position of the fish's water outlet. It depends on the size of the fish and the strength of the fish. Generally, the fish with a small body will come out about 1 meter from the fishing point. ,-The fish must be relieved of its struggling power before it can get out of the water. It is best that the fish fly out of the water before they understand what is going on. Forcibly out of the water, there will be situations such as running fish and broken feet.

Generally, fish can fly before your rod. If it is below your rod, the difficulty will increase and the rod will easily break. You must also consider whether your combat rod can bear the weight of the fish you want to fly.