How to avoid disconnection


Fishing friends, do you think the problem of "disconnec […]

Fishing friends, do you think the problem of "disconnection" is big? Some trench fishermen may think it’s nothing, but for those of us who spend all our pocket money on fishing, it’s not a small expense. You see, the hook is gone after the disconnection. What’s more serious is that the entire set of threads and drifters may drift along with the crowd. The most terrifying thing is that you can’t tolerate a big fish and just ran away like this, causing 10,000 points to your heart. Critical damage. In fact, we can avoid most disconnections as long as we pay attention to points. Let's talk about it below.


Line group
The first point: whether it’s the sub-line or the main line, the fishermen must develop the habit of checking the line group after every time the fishing is finished. If you find that there are scars, you must throw it away, or use it for fishing relatively small fish, don't use small horse-drawn carts. Even if there is no scar, the fisherman must change the line set every six months, because the line is soaked in the sun, wind, and water, which will cause the line to age.



Fishing line
The second point: Careful fishermen will find that the broken line is usually broken from the hook. This is because the fisherman is very casual when tying the hook. The correct method of tying is the line on the inner side, so that the fish can be caught. At this time, the hook will not pull the fishing line backwards, and naturally it will not cause the line to break. Also, the thread group must pay attention when tying the knot, do not use too many laps or too few laps, and do not use too much force when pulling it. The probability of the thread group breaking naturally without injury will be much reduced.


Fishing line
​The third point: Many times fishing friends pursue big fish, but often in order to show their skills, they will choose a line with a small diameter. In the end, the big fish cannot bear the running fish. The correct way should be a reasonable match. Please don’t skip too much of the thread group. For example, you can use 0.8 for 12. One important point is to choose the line group according to the quality of the fish. If you are fishing fast, choose a harder line. On the contrary, if you are fishing slow, choose a softer line. Fishing is a more deliberate thing. As long as the fisherman thinks over it, he will have his own insights and understanding.