Tips for fishing line selection, don’t be fooled


It is estimated that many fishermen are confused when b […]

It is estimated that many fishermen are confused when buying fishing gear when they are novices. Buying long or short fishing gear? Soft or hard? I don’t know what is right for me, so I am especially easy to be fooled by fishing tackle shops. Today, I will explain to you who are still struggling how to choose a fishing line.


When choosing a fishing line, more or less everyone knows that if the pulling force of the fishing line is strong enough, it will be easily pulled up when the fish is fished, but this pull fishing friend should not only look at the packaging of the fishing line. Bring a piece of fishing line and tie it to two chopsticks separately, put it in the water and pull it against each other to see if the knot of the fishing line is broken. If it is not broken if the technique is appropriate, then the tension of the line is nodular strength That's good, you can buy such a fishing line.


Nowadays, in order to promote the quality of their fishing line, many manufacturers say what carbon thread is the original silk thread. This kind of material is a publicity method. Fishing friends should not believe that we can’t test it after all. Fishing friends only need to use a lighter to burn the fishing line. If it is ignited, it will be destroyed It shows that the material is good, if the ignition is always on, then such a line will not work. Nowadays, there are many colors of fishing line. When choosing fishing line, fishermen try to choose the primary colors, green, yellow, and red. These colors are dyed later, and the line will be damaged when it is colored.

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Of course, in addition to looking at the quality of the fishing line, the fisherman must also follow one point, that is, determine what fish you are fishing. It needs to be larger. If it is to catch small fish, then any fishing line can meet the needs of fishing. Therefore, the choice of fishing line should be based on the needs of the fish. It does not mean that the packaging is gorgeous and expensive is a good fishing line.