Types and use of fishing swivels and methods of purchase.


The fishing swivel ring, also called the twist ring, is […]

The fishing swivel ring, also called the twist ring, is a ring made of metal. The upper and lower parts of the connector, which can rotate freely, connect the main line with the sub-line, the main line and the lead, which can offset the twisting of the line and prevent the fish from breaking and uncoupling due to struggling after biting.

There are many types of fishing swivels, such as box shape, pine leaf, mother and son, trigeminal, pin and other shapes, which are often used in freshwater and saltwater fishing. It is one of the auxiliary fishing tackle with complete functions. It is an indispensable accessory in the rod throwing group. Its function is not only to connect the main line and the fishing group, but also to eliminate the rotation caused by the hook resistance caused by the water resistance during the fishing line of the throwing rod fishing group, which makes the fishing line twist into a twist. At the same time, it can increase the speed of bait replacement and fishing group replacement, and avoid the phenomenon of line disorder.
There are many types of connectors, there are large, medium and small sizes, and various types of connectors will vary according to the size and pulling force.

Side-line rolling swivel fishing tackle accessories

When the angler uses the connector, it can be matched according to the fishing group. The fishing group for big fish can choose the connector with high pulling force, and the small connector for small fish. When choosing a connector, first look at whether the rotation of the fishing swivel is flexible; whether the length of the pin of the clip is in place and is inelastic. If the length of the selected connector pin is moderate, flexible and flexible, such a connector can guarantee your normal use.