Types and characteristics of hooks


Types and characteristics of hooks There are many fishi […]

Types and characteristics of hooks
There are many fishing gears used in fishing, among which the hook is the most important. There are many types of fish hooks. Different types of fish hooks target different types of fish species. The following is an introduction to the types of common fish hooks and Its features:

1. Iseni
Features: thick hook bar, wide hook door, short hook handle, and inwardly curved hook tip.
Advantages: Mainly for carp, grass carp, herring and other large fish species, because the whole hook body is wide, the hook tip is curved inward, and the hook handle is short, it is easier to be sucked into the mouth by the fish, and the fish is very easy to catch after the fish is caught. Hard to decouple.

Scope of use: mostly used in explosive hooks, string hooks, and Taiwan fishing.


2. Izu
Features: The hook tip is crooked, the hook handle is slightly longer, the hook strip is medium in thickness, and the tensile force is stronger than that of the same size.
Advantages: It is easy to sting fish with a crooked mouth, but it is not as good as sleeve hooks for small fish, and it is not as good as Iseni for big fish.


3. Sleeve hook
Features: long hook handle, narrow hook door, thin hook strip, sharp hook tip, easy entry, light weight, etc.
Advantages: The sleeve hook is especially suitable for fishing with bait for small fish, such as meal sticks, cockroaches, crucian carp, etc. It is especially suitable for using the sleeve hook for catching large crucian carp in spring and winter. There is no problem with mahjong crucian carp as small as 2 or 3 catties.

Suggestion: It is good to buy cheap ones for wild fishing of crucian carp. If you are fishing in black pits, it is recommended to buy a titanium alloy sleeve hook, which is stronger.


4. Stream hook
Features: Similar to the sleeve hook, the hook strip is thin, the hook tip is sharp, easy to enter
Advantages: You can see its usefulness from the name. It is mainly used in streams. It is used as a small fish species for fishing. It is recommended to use a stream hook for fishing in winter. It is not easy to run fish.



5. New Kanto
Features: Similar to the sleeve hook, but the new Kanto hook has a longer tip, thicker hook, longer hook handle and wider hook door.
Advantages: It is mainly used in competitive fishing and black pits. When fishing in a polyculture pond, the pulling force value is larger than that of the sleeve hook.


6. Qianyou
Features: The hook handle is long, the hook door is small, the hook strip is moderate, and the mouth is crooked, similar to Iseni.
Advantages: The hook is large and is mainly used for sea fishing.


7. Haixi

Features: This is a type of hook with barbs and thin hooks. It is light and thin, which is very suitable for anglers to catch small and medium-sized fish.


8. Maru World Hook
Features: This is also a type of hook with barbs. Its shape is slender, which is very conducive to the inhalation of small fish, and it is not easy to get off the hook. It is mainly used to catch some small fish by hanging bait.


What are the colors of the hooks?
In addition to the different types of fish hooks, there are also many colors. In addition to the common white fish hooks, there are many other colors, including black, gold, red, blue, yellow, pink, dark green, purple, tea, ancient copper etc.

Generally speaking, most fish hooks are white. Except for black and brown, other colors are made by plating the fish hook with white nickel and then processing. The black hook is plated with a layer of black nickel on the white hook. Yellow It is copper-plated, and the gold hook is copper-plated with gold elements added. The hooks of green, red, blue and other colors are painted with different colors of paint on the yellow and white hooks.