How to choose the right size fishing hook


Types and sizes of hooks Fishing hooks are often referr […]

Types and sizes of hooks
Fishing hooks are often referred to as fishing hooks. There are many models, and each model has different sizes. Different hooks have different sizes and strengths. The following is a brief introduction to the common types and sizes of fishing hooks.

Fishing hooks can be divided into Tianpingzi, new Kanto, improved new Kanto, Guanfu Qianyao, Qianyou, Koiso, sleeve hook, Iseni, Izu and other models according to the model. The hook size of each model is 0.1. , 0.3, 0.5, 0.8, and 1 to 10, the larger the hook, the more suitable for big fish.



How to choose the right size fishing hook
The most intimate contact with the fish during the fishing process is the hook. The choice of the hook size is one of the keys to the success of fishing. So how to choose the right size hook?

A simple way to pick is: the hook is the same size as the fish's eyes. Use a big hook for big fish and a small hook for small fish. However, for different fish conditions and water conditions, the selection of the hook size should be adjusted based on this:


1. The influence of seasons, in winter and early spring, the activity of fish is weak, and the choice of hooks should be small; when catching about one or two crucian carp, use No. 2 sleeve hook in summer and autumn, and choose No. 1 sleeve hook in winter .

2. Different target fish have great differences in physique and activity ability, and the amount of struggle after the fish is different. Generally speaking, when fishing for crucian carp with a quiet temperament and weak struggle after the hook, choose the hook. It should be small; when fishing for carp, big grass carp and violent silver carp with strong physique and strong mobility, the hook should be slightly larger. Wild fish are powerful, and the hook should be slightly larger. For fish that are repeatedly caught and released, the hook should be slightly smaller.

3. The softness and hardness of the fish lips are different, and the size of the hook is also different. Crucian carp, carp, etc. are soft-lipped fish. The hooks for these fish should be small and not large; grass carp, herring, silver carp and bighead, etc., semi-soft-lipped fish, use The hook is slightly larger and thicker than the soft-lipped species; the blackfish is a hard-lipped species, and a large hook should be used.

4. The fast hook is slightly larger, and the slow hook is slightly smaller; the raw hook is slightly larger, and the sliding hook is slightly smaller; the fishing float can be slightly larger, and the fishing bottom can be slightly smaller.

5. When using commercial bait, the hook should be small, and when using insect bait, the hook can be slightly larger. When the bait is not in the right direction and the fish's mouth is worse, the hook should be small.

In general, the choice of fish hooks should be adapted to local conditions, so that the targeted selection will neither affect the swallowing of the fish because of the large hook, nor will the big fish straighten the hook and escape.