Tips of selecting fishing rods and baits for Lure Newcomer


With the development of the network information age, Lu […]

With the development of the network information age, Lure fishing method has become more and more familiar to more and more phishers. Many angling fishers like this Lure. The easy-to-understand explanation of this fishing method is to use fake bait fishing, which imitates the various swimming postures of insects and small fish in the water to trigger fish-bait attack. It is significantly different from black pits and traditional wild fishing. difference.

Lure fishing equipment is briefly summarized as: rod, wheel, line, bait

First, Lu Yagan

Lure poles are usually straight and gun handle poles, fishing wheels are mostly spinning wheels, water drop wheels and drum wheels, and most of the wires are nylon and PE wires (Dali horse). The bait is simply summarized as soft bait and hard bait. There are also some small accessories such as swivel rings, pins, lead bites, and Zhongtong lead for fishing with fishing groups. The combination of rods and wheels is simple for spinning rods with spinning wheels, gun handles with drum wheels, and gun handles. The Asian pole is equipped with a water drop wheel, and the equipment is also divided into fresh water and sea water.

Let's talk about the fishing rod first. According to the characteristics of the fishing rod, the fishing rod is divided into: fast fishing F, super fast fishing FF, middle R, medium slow RF, and slow fishing S. It will also indicate the tone of the fishing rod: extremely soft and ultra light Measuring UL, soft, light L, medium soft, medium light ML, medium M, medium hard MH, hard weight H, extremely hard, extra heavy XH, the length of the fishing rod is between 1 m 8 and 2 m 7, There are single knots and cut knots (mostly 2 knots). Most of these signs are marked on the top of the handle of the fishing rod, so that you can intuitively choose the required Lua rod according to the size of the fish you want to fish.

Second, fishing reel fishing

There are three main types of fishing reels: spinning wheels, water drop wheels, and drum wheels. The angler matches them according to personal habits, the target fish, and the road rod. The size of the spinning wheel and fishing wheel is mostly identified by the capacity. Mainly 1000-4000. The fishermen who used to play Lua fishing method will also choose nylon line. But with the promotion of PE line (Horse Horse Line), now everyone will choose this line. Spinning wheels is more convenient and easy to get started. The handle can be adjusted to the left and right hand wheels. The water drop wheel and drum wheel must be selected according to the fishing habits of the left or right hand. This must be paid attention to when buying.

Third, Lua Bait

Let ’s talk about a variety of Lua bait. Lua ’s bait is divided into soft bait and hard bait. It also has floating water and submersible water. How do fishermen choose? Let's talk about how the fish find the bait. First, like people, they will judge the bait through vision, taste, and more sensitive survey lines. Under the light, silver and yellow are preferred, but it is determined according to the color of the water body. It is not fixed. On cloudy days, you can choose bright bait, red, pink, and the red head and white body that fishers often like. It is an all-weather Color system.

The soft lure fishing method uses a variety of different types of fishing hooks with lead bites and warhead lead to form fishing groups. From a few grams of small lures to large fishes, it is the basis of Lua's pseudo-bait fishing. From the perspective of easy to use and cost, it is mostly used by Lure fishermen. Three hard hooks are used to attract the fish ’s attention and attack by mimicking various actions of small fish in the water. Everyone usually finds hard The length and width of the baffle in front of the bait mouth are different. It determines the swimming layer of the fake bait in the water body when the fisherman shakes the fishing reel to collect the PE line. Shallow, some manufacturers will also add ring beads in the bait to attract the fish's attention through sound and improve the rate of medium fish.

Regardless of which pseudo-bait is used, the accuracy of the throw and the method of teasing are the key. The fisherman must complete the performance of the pseudo-bait in the various swimming layers in the water body according to the speed of the bouncing line and the shaking of the rod. Swimming posture status, now the Internet is developed, and fishermen who like to play Lua can learn by watching more videos. After all, there are fewer places and target fish species to play Lua in China. More people choose to be in the river. , Reservoirs, Taiwanese carp, catfish and other fish species, so the lack of resources has limited the development of this fishing method, but the environmental protection concept advocated by the Lure fishing method and release after fishing are worth learning by the majority of fishermen.