Connect the metal swivel to the main line when fishing perform well


Various handcuffs have different functions and uses, an […]

Various handcuffs have different functions and uses, and are essential tools for hookfish. The handcuffs are an important part of the connection between the hand and the main line. Since the tip line is easily worn and broken, it needs to be replaced occasionally. Although there are many ways to go online, it is not convenient for older friends. I changed the hand tip line to a metal swivel, which is much more convenient to use. Now introduced to fishing friends.

First, production 1. Choose a metal tube that is about 15 mm long and can be inserted smoothly. It is also possible to use a tipping ring such as a waste yang to remove the ring instead.

2. The ring at the other end of the small American swivel is clamped flat with a pliers so that it can be inserted into the metal tube. Or use a long or three-pronged O-ring to keep the aluminum seat, insert into the metal tube, clamp the metal tube head with the knife-claw, and keep the conversion up and down.

3. 302 glue round and then remove the excess part in the American style. The ring is held by hand or on the aluminum skin retained by the long three-and-zero-shaped door lift ring. If the metal pipe 1 is inside, the gold mesh pipe head is rounded with the edge of the knife, and the upper and lower movements of the ring are kept. On the 302, mix the glue, insert it into the metal tube and pass the question circle, and the fishing rod will be made into a loop. One pin is added to one end of the main line, and when the line is hung, the pin is hanged and the pin is inserted.

Features 1. The whole circle is strong and the length of use is not necessary to change frequently. Hanging line and line are extremely convenient and fast. It saves time when fish, fish or flying fish are slightly converted. The angle of rotation caused by gravity is unlimited, it will not make the body, make the hand lighter and feel lighter. The conversion between the body and the main line does not cause the rod to entangle.