Tips for using fishing boxes to fight high temperatures


The fishing box itself cannot change the temperature ch […]

The fishing box itself cannot change the temperature change. Its function is only to isolate the temperature inside the fishing box from the outside world, reduce the speed of temperature change, and extend the time to change the temperature. Therefore, if you want to use the heat preservation performance of the fishing box, you must place the items that need heat preservation in the fishing box, in other words, there must be a cold source. You can put a few mineral water bottles in the refrigerator or freezer at home and freeze the water inside into ice cubes. This is the source of cold.


In order to supplement the salt loss due to sweating, you can put a little salt in the water. The salty salt water can absorb more cold energy during the freezing process. Before you travel, put the mineral water bottle in the fishing box, and the only thing left is how to use the cold source to seek comfort for yourself. The ice cube is well protected in the fishing box, the melting speed is greatly reduced, and the low temperature is difficult to lose to the outside air, which provides us with favorable conditions for making full use of its performance.

Use of the fishing box: The fishing box is an important auxiliary fishing tackle in fishing activities. If it can be used reasonably, as long as there is a flat area slightly larger than the bottom area of ​​the fishing box, we can start fishing. It turns out that the problems of using fishing boxes can be easily solved in places where parasols and traditional turret poles cannot be installed on cement platforms, gravel ground, wooden bridges, or piers.


The food box installed on the box, whether you use bait rubbing or pulling bait, can greatly speed up your bait loading speed. In the fishing box, you can store some commonly used small accessories and bait, such as hanging boxes with strands, space beans, lead skins, connecting rings and other small fishing accessories. You can also use some sealed drink cups or plastic milk bottles to mix some commonly used baits and bottle them quickly and conveniently. In the hot summer, you can put some ice water in the fishing box, which can keep warm for a long time, even in the wild, you can guarantee to drink cold and delicious drinks at any time. After finishing the rod, you can put the catch and a bottle of ice water directly in the fishing box and bring it back together, which can guarantee the freshness of the catch in a short period of time.


Placing ice cubes in the fishing box will have different effects due to different positions. The specific gravity of cold air is relatively large, it will sink to the bottom of the fishing box, and at the same time, the relatively high temperature air will rise. Therefore, if conditions permit, it is recommended that you try to put ice on the top of the fishing box to give full play to the ice. The cooling effect of the block.