Tips for preserving fishing line


The fishing line is an indispensable consumable for ang […]

The fishing line is an indispensable consumable for anglers, and it is also a must for everyone to get a happy fishing catch. Each type of fishing line has many kinds of refinement according to its characteristics, and it is suitable for fishing different fish.


However, every kind of fishing line has the problem of aging of the fishing line during the preservation process. As a result, it has caused the regret of running fish. I once encountered an incident. The fishing line obtained by participating in the forum activity may exceed After the expiration date, perhaps it was improper storage. After assembling the line set, it was found that the protective layer outside the fishing line had been damaged. As a result, all the hard-made line sets were scrapped and some small accessories were wasted.


Since the packaging was very complete when the fishing line was received, it was a pity that the newly received line had such a problem. In order to avoid similar situations from happening again, I checked it carefully after receiving similar activity products, and there was a problem. Throw away the fishing line without hesitation.



At the same time, pay more attention to the preservation of the fishing line. Check it on the Internet. The fishing line should be protected from light, sealed and stored, and stored at a suitable room temperature, so the following methods can be used to store the fishing line.


1. Check carefully, and the remaining fishing line after the line set must be put back in the original box.

2. Put the fishing line in the original packaging box into a sealed wooden box. After closing the lid, it looks like a small black room. Put the fishing line in it and you can sleep peacefully without worrying about the light being disturbed. .

3. Put the cable box in a dark place in the study, away from radiators, air conditioners and other equipment.