Avoiding errors when using fishing rods, tips for maintenance with fishing lines


The most important moments of fishing is probably: rais […]

The most important moments of fishing is probably: raising, squid, enjoy this fish in this stage, but also to play a spirit, otherwise, it will happen to make a break, broken The phenomenon of line, this makes us very sad! But this phenomenon is actually avoided, and we will share this phenomenon for everyone. In fact, as long as you have a good fishing skill, flexibly use good fishing tools, these phenomena will not appear.

Misunderstanding of fishing rod [1]
In the process of using the fishing rod, this part of the tip has a curved toughness, radians, and at a point of this tolerance, it will break away. When some fishing friends are fishing, they don't know how to go with skills, they will only have a hardness, and they will naturally break. Some fishing friends habit will raise the fish rods. I want to put the fish in such a way, closer to myself, but I didn't take into account the strength of the fishing rod, which is naturally broken. When the squid, first finish the fish's strength, after the struggle, pulling it in the direction of us, then pull the fishing rod, so that the fishing rod will be bent, and the force will even evenly.

Misunderstanding of fishing rod [2]
When the big fish bite hook, we will lead to the hands of your hands because of excitement, and you want to make fish from yourself through the fishing rod. At this time, the hand is unbearable to the fishing rod, and then completely detached a relatively thick part of the fishing rod, directly separated from the part of the withstand force, and the weight of the fishing rod will be reduced, and naturally will be broken. The body-shaped fish is the most difficult, and then the handle of the fishing rod is more. Let the entire fishing rod to bear the body weight of the fish, and we stand at this time must be correct, for example, the feet stands separately or one after another.



Word maintenance [1]
When the fishing is completed, the water on the front of the fishing line will be wiped with a clean wet cloth, and then rubbed it with a clean dry towel, and the impurities in the water and the various corrosive erodes the fishing line. And when you save the fishing line, you must wrap the fishing line on the line, don't be wrapped too tight, you have to make a little loose, so you can keep the fishes to the best. Note: Do not choose an angle, which will cause a part of the fishing line for a long time to cause damage to the fishing line. Specifically, it is 2 aspects: 1, it cannot be unfolded in use; 2, increasing the chances of disconnection.

Word maintenance [2]
When saving the fishing line, try to place the fishing line in a ventilated, dry and shade. This is because moist will cause damage to the elastic force of the fishing line; it is too dry to damage the fiber tissue inside the fishing line. And when you go out, you should store the fishing lines on the line on the line. You cannot squeeze the fishing line. The fishing line cannot be scratched, and it is not possible to store the metal material. When there is a problem with the fish line, the hand feels is not smooth, even discolored or hand touch, it is necessary to replace the fishing line immediately, because the fishing line is used for use.