Tips for float maintenance have a great effect


Floats are the eyes of the angler. From this sentence, […]

Floats are the eyes of the angler. From this sentence, everyone can see the importance and necessity of the floats carrying us during the fishing process. As the saying goes, good goods are not cheap, and cheap goods are not good ones. Indeed, the overall performance of a 10 yuan float is incomparable to a higher-priced float, so in the future, even if you are fishing for carp, you should buy a better float.


The problem is that good floats are expensive, and you must be careful when you use them. Ticketing, tail discounting, and bleaching paint are all distressing things. All said that it is good to have good floats, but how to use them? Especially how to maintain it has become a very real problem. Let's talk about how to maintain floats.

Be careful during the use of the float, especially when loading and unloading on the float seat, do not use too much force, must be moderate, a little carelessness will break the footing. When throwing and raising the rod, do not touch the buoy against the fishing rod, especially when the slingshot is suddenly unhooked after catching the fish, the buoy is easy to touch the fishing rod or the tree above the head or the wire. After changing the floats, be sure to put the unused floats back into the float box. Sometimes you put them freely. If you don't pay attention, you will step on the floats.


After the float is used up, be sure to wipe it clean and put it back in the float box. How to wipe, there is something to say in this. After every time I wind up the pole, I dipped the glasses cloth or paper towel with clean water, wiped the buoy thoroughly, and dried the float before putting it into the float box. I saw on the Internet that you can use the remaining bait to wipe the label, but don’t do that, because now the bait contains not only the additives added by the manufacturer itself, but also the so-called small medicine added by the angler. The chemical composition of these things is bound to be Have a bad influence and damage to the float.