Fishing must see, three commonly used fishing gear maintenance methods


Summer is hot, the fish is difficult to fish, some fish […]

Summer is hot, the fish is difficult to fish, some fishing friends are short-lived, choose a short seal? In fact, regardless of the sealing, good habits of fishing gear maintenance should also become part of life. Next, give you three commonly used fishing tools, I hope to use it for everyone.


First, the fishing line maintenance is small
Fishing line maintenance is divided into two kinds of water and no water:

No fishing lines are wrapped directly on the wooden board of clean f, and then put them in the plastic bag. This ensures that the contact between the fishing line is reduced to air, avoiding the occurrence of oxidation, dehydration, and brittleness because the air is too dry to cause the line.

The fishing line of the water is needed, you need to check if the line body is damaged, and it is not possible to use it directly. It is also necessary to use the parts that are often worn on both ends, and then wipe it clean with water, and then load it in the plastic bag.



Second, fish hook maintenance small coups
When the fish hook is maintained, you need to carefully check the hook of the fish hook, and you will lose it. Whether the hook tip used by the fish hook is sharp, the hook line is tight, and the method is correct or not.

If it is a large fish hook, it is not so sharp, it can be worn with a sharpened stone. There is rust point on the fish hook, and it can be shifted with a small piece of sandpaper. After these are all, wipe it evenly with the soft cloth to clear the oil to prevent rust. Treated fish hooks should be packaged with paper, do not use plastic bags to avoid moisture. The fish hooks do not use for a long time, placed in a cool dry place, and seals save.


Third, floating lottery
First use the soft cloth to clean the drum and wipe the drift and blew. Then apply a little toothpaste on the cloth, and then gently wipe the peeling of each color of the drifting. After the completion is complete, wash it, dry. Find a large-scale transparent drift pipe, dilute the ventilation hole of the drift to death, and ensure that it is not leaking. Pour the light paraffin oil in the drift, and then the floating drifting drifting is pressed into the stone wax oil.

Observed with fingers, observe that there is no bubbles from bubbles to observe the bubble (especially the binding of rafts and binders). If there is a bubble, it will show that there is a hard injury, and it needs to be repaired. If the drier is normal, after soaking, do not wipe it, directly insert it vertically on the foam plate, then placed them at a low temperature, avoiding wind, and light, so that the paraffin oil forms a protective cover on the floating surface. If the brightness of the drifting is not enough, you need to drop it on the spot, and then store it. When you use it again, wipe the floating lotus through the soft cloth.