5 practical skills for maintaining fish


The fishing people will regard their fishing rods as ba […]

The fishing people will regard their fishing rods as baby, and the fishing rod is a good partner of the fishman. However, in the fishing, there will be no intention of making some things that harm the fishing rods, you have to know that in many fishing, the value of the fishing rod is almost the highest. If the fisherman can't protect it well, it will not only bring trouble to the fish, but also cause a certain economic loss.

So, how should we maintain the scorpion of the arpo?


First, the fish is hooked excited, correctly, can protect the fish
In many cases occurring during fishing, the most fascinating is the loss, and it is broken. In order to reduce the chances of breaking, the fisherman must go to the appropriate method and appropriate way to find the fish after finding the fish.

1. After the fish is bitten, the hook is not too fierce, and you can't use the whole body. Because once the fighter has made great efforts like this, this large force will inevitably have a certain harm to the fish. And the harm of this is often very large. If you are careful, you will increase the jumpsuit.

2. The fish we use is elastic, and the presence of elasticity can increase the buffering force during midfish. In this way, it is difficult for the fish even more effort to use it. Of course, the position of the fishing passengers must be rely later. Otherwise, the power to be affected by the fish will increase.

3. The fishing line should not be too thick. Once the parking capacity of the fishing line exceeds the ability of the fishing rod, the danger index of the fishing rod will rise straight. Therefore, the load gravity of the fish line we use must be within the space of the fishing rod. To remember a little, I would rather turn the run fish and can't run fish.



Second, before the fishing, I will recognize the fishing environment to protect the fishing rod.
1. Before fishing, in addition to carefully observing the waters, the fishing passengers need to see the circumstances of the waters and the shore trees. Only when you fully understand the chances of hanging, the chance of hooks can be reduced, thereby reducing the possibility of damage to the fishing rod when the hook is detached from the treetops or underwater.

2. Do not fish under the high pressure line. Even the high height of the cable is high, reaching the realm of people and the scorpion, do not take risks. After all, the accident is always inadvertent.

3. It is necessary to protect the fish. Whether it is fishing, it is still placed in a place when there is no fishing rod.


Third, the movement of the income should be light
When taking the fish rod, you must take each section in turn. As long as you pull it, you can definitely can't rotate. It is best to start recovery from the second quarter when it is. Because if you start from the scorpion, it is easy to break the fish. If the clock is happened, try to block the fish, put a piece of towel in the back block, then grab the knitted pier to gently pier, the pier should ensure the tail of the next card festival. It is in the towel.


Fourth, the posture of tramped fish should be standardized
1. The fish we use, there are many kinds. So the fisherman is best to choose according to the selection of fish. When we use it is not a hard-warmed fish, it is not recommended to fly fish directly, so the harm of fishing rod is quite large. If you have a big fish, you don't want to pull the fish to the shore. You should do a good job in the long-lasting battle. When you don't have strength, you will pull the fish to the shore and ready to copy.

2. After the finish, when preparing to copy the fish, you must not stand upright, so it's easy to be broken. At this time, two hands should be copied together: the right hand holds the left hand to take the net, and the fish will be placed on the squid, and the fishing rod will never make the fish.

5. Wipe the water on the rose before the collection.
When you are fishing, you should prepare a cotton cloth. After each fishing, you should wipe the water on the fish rod and then put it in the fish bag.