What factors can cause fishing rod jamming? How to deal with the card festival?


Because some fishermen asked, I often encounter problem […]

Because some fishermen asked, I often encounter problems with stuck knots, and I hope to answer which situations will cause stuck knots. Of course, I must also attach coping skills. Since the fishermen asked me, I am naturally satisfied.

Causes of stuck knots
1. Some fishermen never pay attention to their techniques when they draw their rods. They just pull hard, improper techniques will cause this to happen!

2. When catching a big fish, the fishermen will also deadlift. In this case, the fish will be confronted with the fish, and the rod will be dragged, so there will be stuck.

3. It is inevitable that there will be some unexpected situations during fishing, such as hanging the bottom or hanging to an obstacle. In this case, there will be a bottom hanging!

4. Many times the fishing friends put the rod aside directly after using up the rod. In fact, there are residual water stains and silt inside. If you don't scrub the rod after using it, it will also cause the rod to get stuck!


Coping skills for card festivals
1. If the jam is not very serious, the angler can use the fishing rod to block it. Use inertia and pause from high to low, and it can be done several times in a row!

2. The fisherman can remove the back plug, and then exit the pole sections one by one, take out the stuck sections separately, and then take an appropriate amount of cooking oil, slightly dot a few drops, after two into three types, take the two ends of the tape and wrap it around Then pull it in the opposite direction, which can basically solve the problem of stuck knots!