Tips for fishing crucian carp in summer


(1) Selection skills of fishing position In the hot sum […]

(1) Selection skills of fishing position
In the hot summer, they will hide in deep water to escape the heat. Therefore, if you are fishing for crucian carp in the afternoon, you must first consider the depth of the water. When the weather is sweltering and about to rain, the air pressure is low and the oxygen content in the water is insufficient. Crucian carp will move to the water layer again. In summer, the choice of fishing spots changes with the weather. In the morning and evening, the crucian carp likes to be on the shore. When the weather is hot at noon, the crucian carp will stay away from the shore. The crucian also likes to swim at the junction of stagnant and living water. Their favorite place is under the water plants, which can block the sun and contain oxygen. It's rich, and there is food. Therefore, the places mentioned above, shade, deep water, and lush places are all places where crucian carp stays at different times. If these places are selected as fishing spots, the harvest should be very rich.

(2) The matching skills of fishing bait
In summer, the weather is mostly sultry, crucian carp likes oxygen, and the sultry environment will make them surface and unwilling to eat. At this time, the choice of bait is very important. At this time, vegetarian bait is a bit attractive to crucian carp. Of course, the nest material must be vegetarian. Rice and rapeseed cake is the best choice. The bait is sweet and the hardness can be higher. The live bait of earthworms is also good, but people strongly do not recommend this fishy bait, because the fishy-scented bait is also the favorite of small trash fish. Using this bait in places with many trash fish is simply attractive to small fish. Miscellaneous fish come to the nest. If you are fishing in the black pit, you can use fishy-scented bait. There is no phenomenon of small trash fish in the black pit, and the feed that the black pit farms usually feed is vegetarian. It attracts crucian carp to bite.


(3) Selection of fishing gear
Crucian carp usually swims on the shore, so ordinary fishing rods can be controlled completely, as long as they are strong enough, and the size of crucian carp is not very big compared with ordinary fish, ordinary fishing rods can fully bear the weight of crucian fish, and the line set can be used The main line of 1.0 is matched with the sub-line of 0.6. The fishing line does not need to be too thick. It can bear crucian. It is best to choose a small hook bait. Crucian carp likes to suck. If the hook bait is big, the crucian can't eat it. It is easy to slip the hook. It is relatively easy to be sucked, which can slightly increase the success rate of the hook.