What is PE wire


It refers to a fishing line made of multiple strands of […]

It refers to a fishing line made of multiple strands of chemical fiber woven and dipped. It is commonly known as a braided line (BRAIDED OR CORD LINE).


The production method of this kind of fishing line is to woven multiple fine fibers (such as: Da Kelong fiber, Kung Fu dragon fiber or Dyneema fiber or other polyethylene compound PE fiber... etc.) by machine, so this The line body of the fishing line presents regular and intersecting lines of fibers. As long as you take out the line body and examine it, you can clearly find the characteristics of the line body structure.

The advantage of this kind of wire is that the wire diameter is much thinner than nylon under the same tension. Similarly, we use 12-pound nylon and 12-pound PE, because PE has a thinner wire diameter and can be cast farther. In actual fishing grounds, wind is an important factor affecting the throwing distance of the lure. PE also reduces the influence of wind resistance because of the thinner wire diameter under the same pulling force. In addition, PE has almost no malleability, and can transmit the signal to the angler in the first time when the fish is caught. Also, the PE wire is more wear-resistant.


But just as everything has its two sides, PE is not without any shortcomings. The first disadvantage of PE is that it is not malleable. While this feature can quickly convey the medium fish signal to the angler, it also often leads to running fish or shooting a gun. Friends who have played Taiwan fishing know that a certain amount of power must be maintained on the fishing rod after the middle fish, so that the fish is not easy to get out of the hook. The rod is soft and not easy to break, but the fish is slow; the rod is hard and the fish is fast, but it is easy to break. . Similarly, you can think of the line as an extension of the rod. The fishing line has a certain degree of ductility, just like a soft fishing rod, which can ensure that the fish always maintains a certain strength when the fish rushes from the left to the right, while the PE is like a harder one. The rod, the room for walking the fish is relatively small, resulting in disconnection or disconnection. In addition, in order to use a thinner wire diameter to achieve a stronger tensile force, some manufacturers add metal wires to PE. Although the tensile force has been strengthened, the ductility and softness of the wire are further reduced, and the guide ring is easy to wear at the same time.