Tips for fishing crucian carp in spring


(1) Choice of fishing position The temperature rebounde […]

(1) Choice of fishing position
The temperature rebounded sharply in spring, and not only crucian carp but also many fish came out foraging. It can be seen that the shallow water has become a place for fish to grab food, so many small crucian carp will go to the shallow water to find food. But the big crucian carp will not go to shallow water, they are generally more cautious, and they will not fight for food with the small crucian carp. Large crucian carp will be found in places where the water is deep and where there is grass on the water. Since they don't fight for the little crucian carp, they must find food to eat. The grass on the water surface is a good choice, and it is easy to hide in the grassy place and not be seen by people. So choose deep water areas and grassy areas as fishing positions.


(2) Choice of time
The temperature is unstable in early spring. If you want to fish for crucian carp at this time, you must choose to go fishing on a sunny day. The temperature on a sunny day is suitable for the survival of the fish. The temperature in mid-spring is the most suitable for fishing, and fishing is possible throughout the day. Of course, shallow waters are the preferred location. In late spring, when the temperature rises quickly, the fish will not move in shallow waters, and may move in the upper-middle level. Fishing is better in the morning and evening. The temperature is too high during the day and the fish do not move easily.



(3) Selection of bait
The size of the earthworm is relatively large, the goal is clear, and it is more conducive to the fishing of crucian carp. Especially the crucian carp that has spawned in spring is in urgent need of nutritional supplements. The fishy smell and volume of the earthworm are more attractive to the crucian carp. You can also stir the earthworms with sesame oil, so that the scent of the bait will spread more and the taste will be stronger, which can attract nearby crucian carp. Corn can also be cooked with sugar. The natural flavor of corn is also attractive to fish. The cooked flavor is more intense and nutritious. It is suitable for large crucian carp that urgently needs nutritional supplements.


(4) Selection of fishing gear
Lightweight and concise fishing gear is the best choice for crucian fishing. The fishing line should not be too thick, but the tension should be good, and there should be no slack. The hook should be sharp enough, the thorn should be strong, the hook strip should not be too thick, and the hook door should not be too large. Simply put, it is light. And convenient. The choice of fishing rod should be flexible, light in weight, easy to operate, and have a certain degree of water resistance. Generally, a medium-long rod is used to catch crucian carp, which is conducive to catching large-volume crucian carp located in deep water. Fishing gear must be light and suitable, and must be able to retract freely. Among them, the Taiwan fishing rod is also suitable for fishing crucian carp. The Taiwan fishing rod is more sensitive. Only when the fish is hooked, the float will respond, and the operation is also simple.