Three characteristics of good fish and fish hook purchase skills


As the fisherman, naturally know the importance of the […]

As the fisherman, naturally know the importance of the fish hook in the fishing process, especially good fish hooks, can reduce the quality and quantity of the catch. So how do you choose a good fish hook? We must first understand what is a good fish hook, the following is a good hook and the skill of buying a hook.


Good fish hook can be used in three words: strong, tough, profit.


The so-called strong, that is, the meaning of strong understanding.
We all know that the fish hook is not strong enough, it is easy to break during use. Especially when you encounter big fish, it is easy to break or deformed enough, which leads to the routing of big fish.

When determining if the hook is sturdy, we can judge it with intuitive and and feel. Generally speaking, the more sturdy the hook is, then the hook is more and more, and another judgment method is what is the material of this hook. There is no rust in the hook.

The so-called toughness is a flexible meaning.
No rigidity is not enough to resist external pressure, there is no flexibility, it is easy to cause the excessive fold. Any material involving the force cannot ignore the concept of flexibility. Flexibility is the basic properties of the material, corresponding, and repeated flexibility testing is also tested when the fish hook is produced. How much toughness is good? There is such a test method: fixed hook handle, rotate the hook tip. The hook is broken around the 90-135 degree angle, and its toughness is the most suitable.


The so-called profit, that is, sharp meaning.
We all know that the hooks are sharp, the better its puncture. In that, when the fish is eating the bait, as long as it is slightly slight, the fish hook can be up.

Fish hook is not sharp, only the test can only, we can buy a thicker book, but also five hair to a dollar. Wrap the paper with the hook tip, a layer of tests, generally said that the small hook is covered with 5-storey paper, and the hook is generally wearing 8-story paper.


Shopping tips
In addition to the above characteristics, a good fish hook, it is also suitable for the target fish you can't say, how much the fish we often use, generally saying that the hook thin line is squid, etc. Small and medium-sized freshwater fish, and large hooks are used to catch big fish.

The purchase of the fish hook is best to find a trusted fishing friends, or it can also be judged from the online information, what kind of hooks are best. Of course, most importantly, don't buy some three-have brandless fish hooks and some fish hooks that do not meet your fishing group, especially rusty fish hooks, you can't buy it.