Fish-saving purchase skills and maintenance method


Pick the skills of good fish (1) Fish care material sho […]

Pick the skills of good fish
(1) Fish care material should be water resistant
Mid half of the fish is in the fishing process, it is necessary to put in the water. The material that is not resistant to the water is easy to break through the big fish, so we have to choose the fish to protect the foam material. The most common nylon rope of nylon rope on the market satisfies this, and the nylon rope is a very strong and actuated material, and it is very ideal for bubbles.

(2) The mouth of the fish is large, the neck is long
Most of the fish guards are designed to have a portable gihoid. The design is for convenience of natcomm. After all, the water that has just been out of water has a mucus, which is easy to get off. As for the long-necked design, on the one hand, in order to reduce the likelihood of runfish, the other hand is to more freely adjust the distance between the fishing position and fish guard.

(3) There is a coating on the surface of the fish guard to prevent hanging fish.
The main role of the coating is to reduce friction, avoid fish hanging to fish, thereby reducing damage to fish. In addition, the coated fish is more convenient to clean and dry, and it is not easy to leave odor.

(4) Fish care to carry, easy to live fish
Easy to carry is naturally to reduce everyone's burden, after all, every time you fish everyone has to bring many equipment. At present, the popular folded fish is mainly due to it is easy to carry, the size is small; on the other hand, the folding ring design in the net can provide the fish in the water, so that the fish is not easy to be crowded. Shrubricated injuries.

Learn about these, you can understand how to choose fish in your heart. Of course, good fish guard will also use the old day, a good fish care maintenance is not a problem for ten years. However, if the maintenance is not properly, it will be thrown by the wife as a smell of the sky, so we must also learn to maintain fish.



Maintaining fish tips
(1) When fishing, we should pay attention to observe the surrounding environment before we take care, don't throw it, avoid the damage to the fish. In addition, if the fish in fish is too large, you can't use too little fish, you should use the navigation or use the fish lock directly to avoid "fish running net". In addition, after catching fish, everyone must clean the fish on the spot. After washing, it is best to dry or get some moisture.

(2) After many people are fishing, they are all handed over to the sundries in the house or on the balcony. Although the general fish care is relatively strong, long-term bubbles, it is attached to the mucus of the dirt and fish, not to be eroded, single is a sweet odor, which is a sweet odor, is unbearable. Therefore, we must do a good job in fish care.

When you are free to do it, the fishing friends are best cleans the drying fish, and store the fish to choose a strong sealing bag. Of course, the fish must be dried before the sealing, preventing moisture from breeding bacteria and odor.