Four steps can reduce the method of spinning the fishing line to roll


First: First, wire the wheels correctly, where the labe […]

First: First, wire the wheels correctly, where the label of the cup does not need to be facing, and the cup is not tied to the top or bottom of the cup. Just consider whether the winding direction is clockwise or counterclockwise. If you hold the spinning wheel and look down from the top of the thread cup, you will find that if you turn the handle, the bobbin winder turns clockwise. So when you open the winder, the thread comes down counterclockwise. So when it goes online, it should be counterclockwise.


Second: spray some thread protector on a piece of cloth, and then wrap the fishing line with the cloth. Then put the line on the line cup, which can make the fishing line softer and erase the wax-like impurities remaining in the fishing line during the production process. If you want to save money, then buying a can of silicone oil is the same.



Third: Never put the thread cup too full. I mean never do this, it will cause a lot of trouble. If the line is too full, the line is easy to explode when throwing, which is troublesome. The thread cup should be reserved for a depth of about half a centimeter.


Fourth: When you throw the bait, after the bait enters the water, do not turn off the winder by turning the handle. Close it by hand, confirm that the fishing line has been stuck in the thread guide, and then consider taking up the line. If you turn the winder off by shaking your hand directly, it may cause a loop of the wire every time you cast it. After a few times, rolling may occur. Then you have to spend precious fishing time to solve it.