On how to choose fishing hook


Fishing hooks are the key to fishing, so the selection […]

Fishing hooks are the key to fishing, so the selection and maintenance of fishing hooks is extremely important.

(1) Choice of fishing hook: Which kind of fishing hook to choose must be carefully considered.

① Choose the hook according to the type of fish: the type of fish is different, the fishing hook is also different. Such as crucian carp: it has a small mouth, thin lips, and mild sex, it is suitable to use small, thin hooks; carp: it has a large mouth, thick lips, strong force, it is suitable to use hooks with a wide door, deep bottom, and thick hooks . Some hooks are named according to fish species, such as crucian carp hooks, carp hooks, etc., these characteristics are considered.

②Select the hook according to the size of the fish: you can catch big fish with a small hook, but you can't catch small fish with a big hook. Therefore, the basic principle of selecting hooks is that they should be small rather than large. However, it is necessary to select the hook according to local conditions such as fish conditions and water conditions.

③Select the hook according to the fishing tackle: different fishing tackles use different hooks. For hand pole fishing, hooks parallel to the hook tip and the handle should be used; for sea pole and pull-bone fishing, short hooks and inward hooks should be used. This kind of hook is easy to swallow the entrance and is not easy to unhook.


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(2) How to choose a fishing hook

①Appearance: neat appearance, uniform thickness of hook strip, smooth surface and consistent color.

②Hook tip: It must be sharp. You can gently touch the hook tip with your hand. If it feels sticky, it means sharp.

③ Barb: The barb should be near the hook tip and the opening angle should be 25°-30°. Barbs that are too low, too long, or too wide open are not easy to stab fish; otherwise, they are easy to decouple.

④Hook handle: The size and thickness of the hook handle should be suitable. If it is too small, the hook line is easy to loose; if it is too thin, it is easy to cut the hook line.

⑤Strength and toughness: hold the tip of the hook with your hands and push it inwards and outwards. If you find that the hook is broken or bent and deformed, you should discard it.