The correct use and maintenance method of sea fishing utensils


  First, fishing rod (including copying net) 1. In […]


First, fishing rod (including copying net)
1. In contact with the wires and generate induction
Please pay attention to the induction of the wires caused by high -voltage wires, lines, iron bridges, etc.
The characteristics of the material of the fishing rod (mainly carbon) are capable of conducting electricity, especially contact with wires, or just to close the fishing rod to the wire, it will cause induction to cause death.

When fishing mobile venues, please be sure to stack the fishing rods. Do not use the wires or nearby in high -voltage wires, lines, iron bridges, etc.

2. The induction caused by thunder
Please pay attention to the induction caused by the thunder. If the thunder occurs during use, please stay away from the fishing rod immediately and avoid it to a safe place.

3. The induction caused by the wires outside the fishing ground
Use fishing rods outside the fishing to touch the wires and cause an electric shock to accident.
Be sure to pay attention to the safety of the surroundings when using the fishing rod

4. Please pay attention when throwing investment
Please pay attention to whether there are other people around you to ensure safety. You are very dangerous to hit others.

5. The way to turn when fixed is too tight
The fishing rod is fixed tightly (when the connection part cannot be turned on), please hold near the two sides of the connection part, slowly pressure and turn it in the opposite direction. Cause injuries to the hand

6, the solution to the bottom
When hanging the bottom, do not barely shake the fishing rod, which may cause the fishing rod to break or hang (fishing group) to bounce, causing injuries

7, how to deal with damage
When the fishing rod is damaged (broken, broken, angle, peeling, etc.) in use in use, the damaged part may hurt the hand, please handle it carefully


Second, a spinning truck -type roller
1. Do not forget to guide the line ring when throwing investment, which may cause a break of the officials and fly to the unexpected places to hurt the people around
2. When throwing investment, please convert the brake device to ON state. When OFF, throwing will cause the handle to reverse, the collision hand and the injury
3. Turn the braking device to OFF fishing.
4. When qualifying quickly, do not touch the line cup, the fishing line may cut the finger
5. Do not touch the handle and turntable in the rotation, it may be injured because of this
6. When the brakes with a handbrake with a handbar handle, if you stretch your fingers out of the turntable in the rotation, you will be injured.


Third, fishing line
1. When the metal fishing line is exposed to the wire, it will cause induction
2. Please use scissors or wire clips to cut the fishing line. Using your hands or teeth may cause injuries
3. Please do not discard the fishing line at the fishing location, please bring it back and handle it


Fourth, waterproof clothing
1. Clothing with waterproofing function, please be cleaned by hand washed. Washing with washing machines will cause damage to the fabric. The decline in waterproofing function and peeling of waterproof processing will occur. , It may cause a fierce shaking or overwhelming accident of the washing machine
2. Do not use the washing machine to clean the clothing or buckle clothing, because the zipper and buckle will hurt the fabric
3. For the maintenance and treatment of clothing, please refer to the label attached to the product



Five, life jacket
1. Please use a life jacket that is suitable for your own body
2. Please be sure to tie up your thigh zone, zipper or lifebone. When the equipment is incomplete, the life jacket will fall off or disturb the body balance and cause danger.
3. As a cushion will reduce the buoyancy or cause deformation, please absolutely avoid
4. Wash the paddy cotton cotton will cause a decrease in buoyancy, please try to avoid
5. When not in use, avoid direct sunlight and keep it in a good ventilation place. In addition, it will reduce its performance when it is wet by water or sweat.
6. The recommended service life does not exceed two years


Six, rock shoes
1. When using in the quench fishing ground, do not use shoe nails defects and shoes that have obvious wear. The effect of reducing the effect of the nails will cause a slippery accident.
2. The use of the radio shoes on the deck or iron plate of the boat will cause slipping
3. The tip of the nails is very sharp, please be careful to avoid injury


Seven, refrigerators
1. Sitting on the refrigerator cover will break the refrigerator and cause injuries
2. If the refrigerator is placed horizontally or shaking violently, it will cause water leakage. Please pay attention to the storage car
3. The preservation of the refrigerator is temporary, please do not use it for a long time preservation
4. Do not use dry ice to keep cold


Eight, polarizing mirror
1. The frame that does not fit the size can cause headaches. Even Free Size, please use the frame that meets your face size
2. The lens and frame (resin) may deform due to heat. Do not put it in high temperature places in the car
3. When the glasses are wet for a long time, it may cause damage lenses such as the peeling of the polarized film.