Ten rules of lure in fishing


Precautions 1. Throwing the pole: The three hooks on th […]


1. Throwing the pole: The three hooks on the lure bait have barbeds, so don't throw the pole blindly regardless of the pedestrians on the left and right behind. Make sure that the distance is safe before you take the pole.

2. Unhooking: The fish must not be happy too early when they are brought up. The explosive power of the fish on the hook to escape can easily make the hook pierce into the hand, so be sure to use lure pliers, remember.

3. Eye protection: Regardless of whether conditions permit, please wear your eyes. Because the lure bait may be ejected into your face when the fish is taken off the bait or pulled out from the bottom, you must wear glasses for safety.

4. Unfamiliar fishing spots: go to a fishing field that you don’t know at all. You’d better go with friends who have been to the fishing field, or have a more comprehensive understanding of the fishing field’s environment in advance, whether there is a swamp (generally It refers to the side of water and weeds where the silt is particularly deep), electrical wires, underwater culverts, poisonous snakes and venomous insects, etc., and take appropriate protections. No matter whether you can swim or not, you should wear a life jacket. Resolutely do not go to fishing spots you cannot go. It is best not to go fishing alone, or go into the water to rescue lure baits that have been hung up to reduce unpredictable risks.

5. Weather: Be sure not to go fishing in bad weather, especially thunder and lightning. If you encounter strong thunder and lightning during fishing, stop fishing immediately and find a safe place to hide. If there is a place to hide, you should immediately place the lure pole, double Squat with your feet together and hug your knees with your hands to prevent irreversible personal injury caused by short-term strong currents.

Keep good habit

6. Sorting out: What should I do if I always forget to bring things when I go fishing? Remember to write a list with a pen, so that after you develop a habit of fishing, you can avoid throwing things away.

7. Classification: The most important thing is of course the classification of lures. It is best to sort hard bait, metal bait, soft bait and hooks and place them in different lure boxes for easy removal and storage.

8. Modesty: Luya is a fishing sport that requires time, savvy and accumulated experience. After just a few harvests, it starts to boast, it is easy to provoke the resentment of other fishermen, and it is difficult to make progress.

Luya Spirit

9. First people before yourself: Luya is a hard and pleasant sport. It pays attention to the happiness of the team's overall cooperation. Therefore, when fishing, you should help each other so that you and your fishing friends can feel it. warm.

10. Know the trade-offs: When traveling with fishing friends, there are always good luck and some "backs" for catching. If you happen to have a good chance, please share some catches after keeping the catch you need. To your fishing friends, because objective laws will tell us that you will not always be lucky.

Finally, the suggestion: release the catch as much as possible to maintain the regeneration of limited resources!