Selection of fishing gear and equipment for sea fishing


The time of fishing for mackerel can be determined acco […]

The time of fishing for mackerel can be determined according to the tidal current conditions, and it can be fished day and night. After arriving at the fishing spot, you can find a place close to the sea where there is a buoyancy ball for breeding, often below is the gathering point of mackerel. After the fishing rig is thrown out, sometimes the fishing rig will bite when it enters the water, and sometimes it has to sink to a semi-aqueous layer to recover. This depends on the tides and flowing water.


Don't take up the line too fast, as fish will bite the bait during the process of winding up. In the daytime, when the light is good, the eyesight is far away. It is often seen that there are groups of mackerel on the water chasing small fish, like a group of shiny silver balls rolling in at extremely fast speed. If you can seize the fighter and cast the rod quickly and accurately, the mackerel will follow one after another, chasing and biting the bait crazily, and you will be able to catch a string of lively mackerel with glittering silver light. First, pay attention to safety when fishing mackerel at night, especially when walking on the reef, pay attention to your feet, and second, prepare your headlights for throwing and unhooking.

Every time you go out to fish for mackerel, the window period for catching fish is in a wave-like manner. After a while, it enters the peak period of mid-fish, and then enters the trough of mid-fish. Sometimes through the clear water, you can see the mackerel chasing the bait but not biting. This time period is often empty, and sometimes it is clear that the fish is caught, and the fish detached and ran away during the winding process. It shows that the window for fish feeding has passed, the bite of the fish becomes lighter, and the bite is not solid.


When the line is taken up, the fish decouples and ran away. At this time, it is necessary to change tactics decisively according to the changes in the fish situation. As long as there is a fish bite, the line must be quickly retracted. The line is always tight and the fish is not provided with a chance to unhook, although it only catches 1-2 each time. A fish, but better than an empty rod. After the trough period of mid-fish during this period, the next peak period of mid-fish will come immediately, and you can enjoy the pleasure of popping mackerel, in the process of repeated peaks and troughs. The catch will gather more and more, until the return is full.