Talk about mastering the skills of sea pole landing


When using a sea rod, if the landing point can be accur […]

When using a sea rod, if the landing point can be accurate, the fishing group can be sent into the nest to increase the probability of fishing, and the nest can be supplemented to create conditions for future fishing, and when the rod is lifted, the landing The bait at the fishing point can replenish the nest and increase the effect of collecting fish. Someone probably asked, how to make the sea pole fall accurately? How to make the sea pole hit far?

First of all, we must understand the principle of the sea pole. A set of fishing hooks, a lead sinker, plus a large group of fishing bait, the power to fly tens of meters or even nearly a hundred meters in the air is the centrifugal force generated when the rod is shot. The size of the centrifugal force determines the distance of flight. Therefore, as long as the flying direction and speed of the centrifugal force are mastered, the distance and accuracy of the landing point can be controlled.

Secondly, when shooting a rod, a fixed reference object must be determined first, so that all fishing rods can hit the same landing point according to the reference object with the same force. To achieve this, as long as four points and one line are required. The so-called four-point line is: the tip of the pole behind you to your body, and then the tip of the pole that hits you in front of you, and the reference object on the opposite bank are on the same line. Note that the raised fishing rod must hang down from the ground, and it is difficult to grasp the position of the rod when tilted. This is the most important factor in keeping the drop point accurate. Maintaining the same pole position and the same strength is the most important for mastering the position.

Then it is best to choose the same brand, the same length and hardness of the sea rod, so as to avoid the distance gap caused by the difference in the hardness of the fishing rod. Because the centrifugal force produced by fishing rods of different lengths is very different, using the same power to drive the rod, the running speed of their rod tip is different, and the running speed of long rods is faster than that of short rods. In addition, the fishing set should also be of the same weight, and the model of the lead sinker and the hook should also be the same weight, and the weight of the bait should also be the same, because as long as there is a little difference, different centrifugal forces will be produced.

Finally, the same fish reel must be used. Different sea rod wheels have different diameters and widths, and the depth of the fishing reel groove is also different, which also affects the fishing line leaving the fishing reel, because the fishing line and them will have different friction coefficients. Affect the flying distance of the fishing group. Especially the different depth of the wire groove determines the different friction time. The longer the friction time, the more functions are consumed and the shorter the distance. Therefore, winding the same length of fishing line on the same reel is also a problem to pay attention to. If your fishing reel is very large, you need to wind a lot of fishing line to wrap it up. In order to reduce friction and facilitate the rewinding, it is recommended that you first wrap some waste thread around the fishing reel to take up some space, and then wind the good line. Time will reduce some troubles.