Talk about fish float, introduce the details of fish float


Fish float is also called float, float, float head, flo […]

Fish float is also called float, float, float head, float. It is a tool for fishing, especially the reaction of the fish's bite hook when fishing with a hand pole. Through the action of fish floats, people can not only judge the situation of fish eating, thereby determining the timing of lifting rods, but also determine the fish that is biting the hook by the action of fish floats. Therefore, it is an important part of the fishing harvest. The fish float not only needs to be able to respond to the fish's movements in time, but also needs to be easily identified to prevent environmental disturbances, such as the effects of wind and water flow. Therefore, the choice of fish float should consider the situation of the water area, the main fishing target, the environment, and the combination with the hook and fall. Some people, such as the elderly, the visually impaired, and even the personal economic situation , To be targeted.
All kinds of floats have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the performance characteristics of floats are not very different, so you only need a few floats with better quality and better adaptability.

New Float Seat Fishing Tackle Accessories

In the early days, it was more common to use dried garlic scapes or chicken wings. Its advantages are sensitivity, simple production and easy adjustment. 6-7 commonly used, 2-3 sunk in the water, 4--5 floating on the water surface.
Now they are mostly made of chemicals or made of poultry feathers, wood and bamboo, with many shapes and different performances. The shape is even more diverse. There are straight drifts that are generally thick up and down, Japanese drifts with thin straight bars above the elliptical belly below, straight bars and a round or oval blistering wind drift in the middle of the lower part, spherical drift, cone drift, scattered drift , Fluorescent drift, etc., too many to mention. The choice of fish float,

1. The material should be light, tough and impervious to water;
2. It is smaller than important and more sensitive;
3. Bright colors for easy identification;
4. Small drift for shallow water and long drift for deep water;
5. The shape is up and down, and the big streamline in the middle is better;
6. Choose according to your vision and the distance of the fishing spot.
The currently popular peacock feather floats, such as the Dharma float, are complete in size and have the following advantages:
1. High sensitivity;
2. Good stability;
3. Visual clarity;
4. Fine production.
It should be particularly noted that, regardless of the kind of float, its proper combination with the hook is the most important.