Types and skills of fishing reels


1. Spinning model. Also known as spinning type. It is t […]

1. Spinning model. Also known as spinning type. It is the most common one. It is also the one most used by throwing rod fishing enthusiasts. Its advantages are light and flexible. The structure is simple. It is easy to use. Spinning model fishing reels are mainly used for Freshwater fishing in natural waters such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc. The general storage line for small wheels is 20 to 50 meters. It is equipped with a tossing rod for 2.1 to 3 meters. It is mainly used for fishing fishes with an individual weight of less than 5 kg. The medium wheel can store lines. 80 to 120 meters of fishing line. With 3 to 3.6 meters of throwing rods. It can be used to catch large fish from 5 to 10 kilograms. There are many large wheel storage lines. Usually between 120 and 270 meters. 4.5 meters or longer heavy throwing rod. 10-10 kg of large fish and sea fishing and tidal flat fishing.
Spinning type fishing reel features: throwing. Take-up and take-up is fast during recovery. The drain device of the fishing reel is located in front of the reel groove of the fishing reel. It is convenient for anglers to adjust according to the size of the fish and the bearing capacity of the fishing line Pressure relief device. Improves the bearing capacity of the rod and hook line. It can make the fishing group get more protection. Improve the success rate. The disadvantage is that the operation is not used properly. It is easy to appear the line explosion (the fish line suddenly burst into a mess).
How to use: After the preparations before the throwing, you need to release a section (30~40 cm) of reserved line. Turn the line up. Put the line on the index finger. Press the line with your fingers. Lift your hands above the head. The rod handle points to the target (reference object). The bait fishing group is located behind its own brain. When tossing, the left hand presses down properly. The right hand releases the crimping finger at the same time. The rod can be slightly moved forward. Thrust. When the hook bait flies out. Throw the rod. The tip of the rod should also be pointed at the target. When the hook bait and the plumb fall completely into the fishing spot. Stop for a moment. Reset the wire stop by hand. You can tighten the excess Tighten and fix the fishing line. Check the check switch. If the switch is not closed. It should be closed in time. In order to avoid running the line when raising the pole. So that the force cannot act on the fishing hook and run the fish.

Unbent fishing line spooler

2. Drum-shaped fishing reel: abbreviated as drum-shaped wheel. It is usually composed of wire-reel groove, anti-rotation rod cradle arm, side plate, caster, counterweight and other components. It is mainly used to assemble large and medium-sized throwing rods at medium depths. Boat fishing in the sea area. Beach fishing and rock fishing. The specifications are more complete. There are large, medium and small models. The wheel body is equipped with three control switches such as open, half-stop and stop.
Its structure is simple. The wheel body is light and durable. Its main features are: the power of the take-up line is large. Even medium and large fish. The angler can easily control and grasp. It is comfortable to deal with. The disadvantage is that the take-up line is slow. Casting. If you do long-distance casting, the line will not be timely and will cause chaos. Therefore, the drum-shaped reel is generally not used as a long-range fishing reel. The usual method of use is to open the anti-rotation lever. Use the thrust of the waves and the sea water The role of floating the bait to the fishing spot. Short-range throwing. Open the anti-rotation rod. Use your left thumb to control and press the flying fishing line. Wait for the bait to enter the water. (Settlement). Then press with your finger Stay out of the line. To prevent the reel groove from catching up with the speed of the line, the line will be chaotic. Close the anti-rotation lever to tighten the fishing line and wait for the fish.

3. Closed fishing reel: It is composed of cradle arm rotation stop key, crank handle reel cover, outlet hole and other components. The spinning groove of spinning wheel fishing reel is open. Both the pay-off and take-up can be seen. Toss far away. Take up quickly. If used improperly, there will be messy lines. And the winding slot of the closed fishing reel is sealed. The pay-off and take-up line are invisible. This avoids damage and messy lines. .It is mainly used for drift fishing and fly fishing (road fishing). The throwing distance is within the range of 10~20 meters. The throwing fishing in shallow waters is also used for the Chinese-style throwing rod. The line is from the front of the trough base. A small hole is inserted into the throwing rod. Then the fishing line is pulled out from the tip of the rod. The tethering fishing group is also commonly used for 2.1 to 2.7 meters small throwing rod. Or a hand throwing dual-use rod. The characteristics of this reel are * Press the key to exit the line. The line can be exited with one touch of pressure. It can be collected and collected. It is not easy to mess up the line. It is easy to learn and easy to learn. The throwing distance is not as good as the spinning wheel fishing reel. Use in the environment to catch smaller fish.

4. Drum-type single-bearing fishing reel: It is composed of side plate, anti-rotation rod, winding groove, rocker arm, counterweight, wheel foot and other components. The winding groove is shaped like a drum. Large. Fast take-up speed. Similar to Luya fishing (fly fishing) flywheel. There is a switch under the bearing. There is a stop. Half stop. Three knobs are turned on. The performance is better. The volume of the reel groove is large. The line is 200 meters long. It is characterized by a simple structure. It is easy to use. The disadvantages are large volume, large weight, short throwing distance, high technical requirements for throwing. When throwing, you need to hold the fishing line with your left hand. Above the wheel. The operation is difficult. Drum-type single-bearing fishing reel. Generally only used for deep sea boat fishing and rock fishing. Trolling on board. Not used as a long-range throwing fishing in natural waters such as lakes and reservoirs. Therefore, it is only Make a short throw.