Some precautions for bait preparation


The biggest advantage of the string hook is that after […]

The biggest advantage of the string hook is that after the hook bait is thrown into the fishing spot, the upper, middle and lower swimming layers have bait, and we can catch fish in different swimming layers at the same time.


Choose a drying and food bowl and a measuring cup with a larger pot bottom; shake the bait evenly in a bag or bottle, and use a small measuring cup to scoop out from the bag; The thickness of the flat lay is better; determine the ratio of bait to water; take the correct amount of water from the measuring cup and quickly put it into the basin, shake it quickly in one direction, so that the bait absorbs water evenly. minutes, about 30-60 minutes in winter) After pouring in the water, let the water fully and quickly penetrate and mix evenly with the bait. Use your fingers to gently flip the inflated bait from the bottom of the basin, and leave it for a while (preferably wet your hands beforehand) to fully inflate the part that is not fully inhaled and inflated.



Snowflake-shaped wheat protein bait should not be exposed to too much sunlight and air, because it will absorb the moisture in the air, making the bait thin and unable to use normally. So every time you adjust the bait enough for 1~2 hours, don't adjust too much, it's better to use the bait now. Take out the part to be used and gently form a ball; the other part is covered with a semi-wet towel and placed in a cool place for later use.


It is to adjust the specific gravity of different bait according to the fish conditions: the float is light; the bottom is heavy; the shallow water is light; the water depth is heavy, and the bait is prepared.