Briefly describe the five elements of wild fishing


In the whole fishing activity, it is divided into five […]

In the whole fishing activity, it is divided into five necessary factors, namely weather, position selection, bait, technique and equipment. In the whole fishing process, the weather is the most important link, and it is a key factor in determining a fish catch. Just imagine, under unfavorable climatic conditions, people will feel quite uncomfortable physically and psychologically, and their activity and eating are more or less affected by the climate, thus affecting their mental state and activity throughout the day. Fish and people are creatures that survive under natural conditions, and there are more or less similar factors.​​


Position selection; I wonder if you feel this way. When you come to a brand new fishing ground, the first problem you face is how to choose an ideal fishing position, which has always puzzled me and even most fishermen. Looking west, it's hard to decide where to go.



Bait: Choosing the right bait is another problem. Nowadays, all kinds of commercial bait are flooding the whole fishing circle, and it seems to be a must. There are all kinds of fragrant, fishy, ​​sweet, yeast, etc. It is still difficult to prepare a bait that meets the target fish. Folk homemade traditional bait has its own characteristics, and often the big guy is the credit of the bait made by traditional craftsmanship. In my opinion, bait is the third most important in the whole fishing process.​​


Skills: An experienced fisherman has a solid foundation in how to use the right-way skills, which cannot be mastered overnight. In recent years, the hanging fishing method, which is popular among the majority of fishermen, has opened up a new space for the field of fishing. It scientifically uses the principles of mechanics, with precise theory and profound and changeable infinite artistic conception. mainstream techniques in the field. Our country has thousands of years of civilization history. Various fishing methods spread among the people are also skills that cannot be ignored. They pay attention to actual combat effectiveness. Various fishing methods emerge in an endless stream and are ever-changing. They are the precious wealth left by the ancestors and the root of fishing. Therefore, the successful use of techniques and tactics in the fishing process is an important guarantee for obtaining fish catch.​​


The last thing is equipment. Having a perfect set of fishing tackle is the common wish of mortals like me. After having the first four elements, it is not a decisive factor for whether or not to catch fish, but enjoying scientific and technological achievements during the fishing process is not comparable to that of fishing tackle , plays a decisive role in the success or failure of the fight with the big guy.