How the fishing rod equipment is made


Fishing rod is an indispensable equipment for fishing f […]

Fishing rod is an indispensable equipment for fishing friends. They know very well about fishing rods, but do you know how fishing rods are made? To help you learn more about fishing rods, let’s introduce how the fishing rod equipment makes rods and what is the process?

1. Cut the cloth to the size you need, iron the cut cloth on the mold with a soldering iron, and roll it on the tube winding machine. If the cloth is multi-layered, it needs to be rolled several times.

2. Put the rolled mold on the horizontal winding machine for winding, hang the wound mold into the curing oven and bake it.

3. After the curing oven is baked, take out the cured rod and take out the mold on the core remover. You will get the fishing rod hair culture tube, and peel off the Bopp tape on the fishing rod hair culture on the stripping machine.

4. Cut the length of the Mao Pei rod from which the Bopp tape is stripped on a cutting machine, and remove both ends. The cut rods are ground and polished on a water mill. Some fishing rods with good quality need to be finely polished on a non-woven wheel machine, and the tenon is finely ground on a fine grinder.

5. The polished pole is drawn. Usually, the fishing rod is drawn with a draw box, and the painted pole is drawn for accessory assembly. The assembly may use epoxy glue. At this time, an epoxy machine is required. Assemble.

Although the finished fishing rod is exquisite, it is not so easy to produce high-quality and exquisite products in the production process.