Maintenance skills of fishing reel for maintenance of fishing gear.


Reels are conventional equipment on tossing rods and ro […]

Reels are conventional equipment on tossing rods and rock fishing rods. When fishing big fish, it has an unparalleled advantage. As long as the unloading force is adjusted properly, it can catch big fish that far exceeds the string's pulling force this week.

1. Maintenance method of reel for fishing gear maintenance:
Generally speaking, when you use the reel normally, don't pull it hard. In the case of keeping the tossing rod collapsed when loading the fish, return the rod during winding, that is, at the same time as the winding, let the rod head sink slowly, so that the reel can bear the minimum pressure to increase the winding Wheel life. Always pay attention to the hygiene of the wheels, and wipe off any mud, water or other dirt in time. After each use, wipe with a towel. When appropriate, remove the wheel head and wipe some oil.

Fault identification of reel for maintenance of fishing gear:
1. Shake the rocker arm and make friction sound from the reel shell
Fault location: the main shaft is bent and deformed; the reel tick wheel or washer is lost during disassembly; the reel shell nut is loose. Causes: When removing the spindle pin, the spindle is deformed after being hit with a hammer; when removing the nut of the reel shell, it is not known that it is counter-tooth, and the sliding teeth are generated due to excessive force. Solution: rectify the main shaft; install the tick wheel and washer; when the nut of the reel shell nut slides, put the nut up and tap it with a hammer a few times to reduce the diameter of the nut and install it.
2. The throwing frame does not return
Fault location: The throwing spring is loose or weakened. Causes: The fixing screw of the throwing frame is loose, causing the throwing line spring to come out of the fixing hole; opening the throwing frame for a long time to save it makes the throwing frame spring elasticity weakened. Solution: Adjust the elasticity of the throwing line spring and re-install it correctly; usually develop the habit of withdrawing the throwing line frame.

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3. The rocker arm of the reel is shaken, and a "click" sound is heard, and the wire cannot be taken up.
Fault location: The gear disc and gear rod slip. Causes: The bushings on both ends of the gear disc are seriously worn; the gear rod bushing is worn or the sliding gear of the gear disc is lost, causing the gap between the gear disc and the gear rod to be too large, and slipping after the application of force. The shaft is preferably changed to a ball bearing or a copper sleeve made by another vehicle; adjust the speed of the gear wheel shaft washer.