Lure fishing equipment


The popularity of lure is inseparable from the Internet […]

The popularity of lure is inseparable from the Internet. Therefore, most lure people often go online, accept new knowledge quickly, and their ideas are trendy. The main purpose of playing lure is leisure, outdoor sports, challenging themselves and others. Nature. So, the first problem is, if your main purpose is to catch fish, then Lure is not your best choice.

Since Lure is mainly for playing, Lure is prepared for enthusiasts, and the equipment is often fever-grade, because sometimes we go out Lure not only to catch fish, but often to hold that pleasing equipment by the water. Feels like when you keep throwing. Of course, there is no need to compare, and when the money allows, try to buy something that will never be thrown into the corner.

Lure is a gentleman's sport, and environmental protection is a very important part of Lure. Fishing, photographing, and releasing are the real Lure people. Of course, many times we are constrained by many problems and may not be able to do it.



Variety and selection of lure equipment
1. Lure rod: In order to meet the strength needs of constant casting and catching ferocious fish (freshwater ferocious fish often hide in places with many debris in the water, they cannot slip fish like other fishing methods, it is easy to hang, of course Intensive ponds do not have this problem, not to mention the ferocious fish in the sea, too fierce), so, it has to be both light and strong, then the solid rod is its only choice, the vibrating type is impossible, the top road The sub-rod is usually a single-section, amateur-level, especially the choice for beginners, there is no need to pursue it, the sub-section Lu sub-rod is enough. In order to suit the fishing method and the wheel, the rod is divided into two types: gun handle and straight handle. The gun handle is suitable for drum (water drop) wheels, and the straight handle is suitable for our commonly used spinning wheels. We will talk about the wheels and their differences later. The fishing performance of the rod is mainly based on the weight of the bait and the size of the fish. Enjoy the fun of fishing. The rod is generally softer, and the rod is slightly harder. One is to quickly pull back the medium fish, and the other is to have certain preparations for the medium and large fish. , I will talk about it later, generally without a copy net, the rod can fly directly. The price issue that everyone is most concerned about, it is good to use a famous rod, but the price may be very expensive. In a lifetime, there are not many repeated investments, so it makes sense to buy as much as possible, as I mentioned earlier.

2. Luya pole reel:
Spinning wheels and water droplets are commonly used for lure reels. Sometimes larger drum reels are used for sea fishing, but don’t forget that lure is constantly thrown, so lure wheels are generally lighter. We all know that spinning wheels are suitable for long-distance casting, especially when we don’t have a boat, when we cast long distances on the shore, and the water surface is relatively clean, the spinning wheel is fully capable of doing the job, and the cost is relatively low, it is best to play lure It is to buy some spinning wheels. As mentioned above, we need to burn the equipment. The water drop wheel is very suitable for throwing accurately, and other forums say that the water drop wheel will make a sound when it comes out of the line, which sounds very comfortable. If you practice well, the water drop can be guaranteed to be at a distance of about 40 meters. Therefore, in waters with more debris, water droplets are necessary. From this point of view, when we go fishing, it is best to prepare two sets of reels and rods.

3. Lure lure:
Lure is bait fishing. Of course, the bait is important. Take a closer look at the post on how to choose bait. It is best to choose better lures, mino, boba, VIB, pencil, chubby (rock), rotating sequins, iron plates, soft bugs, etc. It is best to prepare a few, and it is best to separate the colors a little, so that Fishing will not catch you blind. Some baits are used in seawater, some are used in fresh water, pay attention to separation, which kind of baits is easy to use, but also need to be tested in practice.

4. Lure wire:
Lure lines generally require high strength, softness and easy tossing, and there are not many lines that can meet these three conditions. Beginners may be able to use ordinary fishing line, but it may affect the swimming style, and the softness will not work after a long time, and it will bend. The disadvantage of braided lines of the strong horse type is that the cast is too affected by the wind. Beckley's line of fire is the best lure line, and the price is actually affordable. Sometimes a lead wire is added between the main wire and the bait, usually a carbon wire. Lure should choose colored fishing line, because lure fishing is line fishing, so choose colored fishing line.

5. Lure pliers:
Lure pliers are necessary, otherwise it will be a headache to change three hooks. There are several kinds of hooks. The hard bait is generally three hooks. Now there is a kind of two hooks. It is not easy to scrape the bottom after using them. It is best to buy better hooks. For soft bait, use a hippocampus hook or other special hooks.