Tips for fishing with a string hook


In the process of fishing, there will inevitably be som […]

In the process of fishing, there will inevitably be some hooks hanging on the bottom. In this case, do not lift up with force, which will easily cause the rod to break. Instead, lay the rod flat so that the rod, line and hook form a straight line. Grasp the fishing rod and move back slowly until the foreign body is pulled out from the bottom of the river. At most, the line will be broken without damaging the fishing rod.


At the end of the fishing, the rod should be retracted section by section in the reverse order of the rod drawing. If you do not pay attention, it is very easy for the first few sections to automatically slide down to the front port of a section, just to withstand the penultimate section that has not been retracted. As a result, many fishermen thought that the penultimate section was too tight to be retracted, so they slammed the pole against the ground, causing the two sections to tear each other like a bamboo pole, causing undue losses. The biggest advantage of fishing gear string hook is that after the hook bait is thrown into the fishing spot, the upper, middle and lower swimming layers have bait, and we can catch fish in different swimming layers at the same time. Although the string hook has the above advantages, it is also the same as other fishing methods. It is easily restricted by factors such as temperature, bait, season, climate, etc., so that the fish will be slow to eat the hook or no fish will bite the hook. How to change this state?


You can start from the following ways: first make a nest and then fish: fishing with a string hook is not like a bomb hook, you can bait while fishing, even if the frequency of biting the hook in front of you is poor, the fish will gather more and more due to the bait at the fishing spot many. However, the lure effect of the string hook, especially for those lakes with large fish and sparse fish, etc., when using the string hook, it is necessary to cast bait as a nest. If we only rely on that point of bait on the hook, it is unlikely to attract and retain the school of fish in the fishing spot.

There is a difference between setting poles in the morning and evening: fish have a habit of warming up, and they like to inhabit the bottom of the water body sooner or later. If the hook is cast in the morning, the closer the bait is to the bottom of the water, the higher the chance of the fish biting the hook. When there is no fish to bite the hook, the angler can change the angle of the bracket according to the depth of the fishing water, and try to make the hook bait close to the swimming layer where the fish floats, which is convenient for the discovery of the fish and improves the bite rate. Hook probability.


The material is right for the road to catch more fish: you can use both plain bait and meat bait for string hook fishing, and choose the bait that the fish prefer, and increase or enhance the concentration of the fragrant, sweet and fishy bait to stimulate the fish's appetite and promote it. bite.


Prepare the hook and hang the bait first: hook fishing is a very interesting thing, but the more troublesome thing is to wear and hang the bait. The fisherman should prepare in advance and prepare several pairs of hooks. When there is a fish in the hook or changing the bait, it will not be in a hurry to change the pre-hanging bait.


Dead bait is the most attractive fish: because the best season for throwing and hook fishing is mostly in the late spring and summer and late autumn when the temperature is high. If the angler can turn dead bait into live bait, and change static fishing method into dynamic fishing method, this can stimulate the fish's appetite, so as to achieve a lot of catch. After buying a satisfactory fishing rod, it is natural to match the fishing line. Many fishermen are afraid of breaking the line and running the fish, so try to buy a thicker fishing line, but they do not know that the fishing rod has a certain bearing capacity. Therefore, blind wiring is not allowed. Be sure to consult the best line number (main line, sub-line) and the range that should not be exceeded for assembly.