How to maintain the 5 basic principles of fishing rods


The fishing rod is the necessary fishing gear for our f […]

The fishing rod is the necessary fishing gear for our fishing. A better fishing rod can be hundreds of thousands. If it is one that I like very much and has feelings after using it for a long time, then it is even more precious. If it is not properly maintained, the rod has It hurts very much if it is damaged. And if we can maintain the fishing rod well, there will be no problem in using it for a few years, which will save us a lot of money. So now I will share some suggestions for maintaining fishing rods, I hope it will be helpful to you all.


One, the strength of the sub-line should match
Good quality or big brand fishing rods have specific introductions to the strands. After you buy your favorite fishing rod, you must follow the instructions in the manual to configure the strands, so that the strength of the strands is consistent with the rod. To match the tensile force. In case the hook is hung, the strand is broken first, which can also ensure the continuous rod. So the only correct way for us is to not use strands that exceed the specified strength at will to ensure the safety of the fishing rod.


Two, sand, water, and ravaged
After the fishing activity is over, prepare a soft towel in advance and wipe the rod section by section to ensure that the rod is dry and water-free. No matter what brand of pole is used, it is necessary to avoid mud and sand from pouring into the inner wall of the pole. After the sand enters the inner wall, it is very easy to damage the fishing rod during jointing and jointing. After the paint is scratched off, the rod is also easy to rust. Will be damaged. Also pay attention to the parts that cannot be in contact with water should be moistened with oil and wiped clean, so as not to rust quietly. Then there is the angler's own activities. Pay special attention to the proper placement of the fishing rod. If it is randomly placed on the ground and the angler is not careful, stepping on it with one foot will damage the fishing rod. Also pay attention not to allow the fishing rod to drag or roll on the ground. It is best to use a bracket to fix it when fishing to avoid accidents with the rod after a miss.



Three, the fishing rod is not too strong
In order to reduce the excessive tension on the pole instantaneously, it is best not to fly the fish directly or directly out of the water after the fish is caught. Judging by the strength from the pole, if a big fish gets caught, you must walk the fish first, follow the direction of the fish's escape and change the direction slightly. No matter how the fish escapes, they will always be in circles, so that it will soon be possible. Let the fish run out. When catching fish, it is also best to use dip nets instead of directly lifting the fish ashore, in order to reduce the intensity of the fishing rod from time to time.

When we need to re-adjust the drift, we should also pinch the fishing line above the floating seat with our hands after the rod is successfully retracted, and then use the other hand to move the floating seat and the space beans. This is to try not to let the fishing rod. Withstand unexpected tension. When fishing big fish, it is best to install a missed rope on the fishing rod in Taiwan. If there is a mistake, you will not lose your beloved rod and worry for a while.


Four, don't be impatient when encountering minor problems
Sometimes there are some minor troubles in the fishing process, such as the hook being hung, it is obviously impossible to pull it hard. It is more dangerous to lift the rod vigorously. The fishing rod will be broken when it is bent to the maximum. Loose. When the hook bait hangs on the bottom or hangs on the water plants and branches, you can first pull it in different directions, and finally you can’t pull it out before you have to hold the fishing line with your hand and pull it. Don’t pull it directly with the fishing rod. Small, might as well wrap the fishing line around the waist of the angler, and then drag it backwards. It would rather break the fishing line or lose a hook than the high-value fishing rod. When the pole joints are not flexible and cannot be stretched, you must not use brute force to stop the fishing rod on the ground. You can use the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, scald it with boiling water and then pull it out, then add a little lubricant to try it, and then pull it out will definitely have an effect.


Five, different seasons, different preservation methods
After taking the rod in winter, you need to carefully maintain the fishing rod. For example, if the carbon rod is not used for a long time, it is best to dry it and put it in the original box. In a room with low humidity. If you can't find the original box, you can also put it in a special case, stand upright in a room with stable temperature and low humidity, and don't just throw it on the ground.

In the spring, the temperature rises and the air humidity starts to increase. The temperature difference between day and night and indoor and outdoor are relatively small. We have to take out the old fishing rod and wipe it carefully, put a little wax on it, and finally take it back as it is. If there is no room for storing fishing tackle, you can make a storage cabinet for fishing tackle. Keep the storage cabinet away from direct sunlight, and the indoor temperature should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius.