Fishing line noun explanation: what is the main line, sub-line, wind line, water line


Beginners should have a basic understanding of fishing […]

Beginners should have a basic understanding of fishing lines, especially when buying fishing lines, some novices do not know much about words such as Taoism and sub-systems. Also, when browsing some articles on fishing skills online, you will also encounter some terms related to fishing lines, such as water lines, wind lines, etc.


Main line: Also known as the big line, the bus line and the Dao system, it plays the role of connecting the fishing rod and the figure ring in the line group configuration. The main line is generally colored, mainly to increase the proportion of the main line to achieve better water cutting (the so-called Water cutting means that after the main line is thrown into the water, the main line is stretched and the main line can be quickly cut into the water. Generally, the water cutting requirements of the main line are relatively high for Taiwanese competitive fishing). Several criteria to measure the quality of the main line, water cut, tensile force, memory, etc.



Sub-line: Also known as sub-line, sub-line is mainly used to tie hooks, the main line is generally transparent, mainly to reduce the vigilance of fish. The standard to measure the quality of sub-line is anti-winding, tension, softness, etc. .


Generally, when configuring the line group, the main line and the sub-line should use the same brand of fishing line as much as possible. Because the tension value of each brand of fishing line is different, improper configuration of the main line and sub-line may cause the main line to be broken when fishing.


Waterline: The fishing line is demarcated by the buoy. Due to the relationship between the weight of the fall, the hook and the bait and the buoyancy of the buoy, the part of the fishing line that is submerged and submerged between the hook and the buoy is called the "waterline". A waterline consists of part of a main line and a sub-line.


Wind line: When fishing, the large line floating in the water from the tip of the rod to the main line of the buoy before entering the water is called the wind line. The wind line consists of part of the main line.