How to choose a fishing rod


Step1 Length of fishing rod When buying a fishing rod, […]

Step1 Length of fishing rod
When buying a fishing rod, you must first pay attention to its length. Although some products are marked with length, they are not the actual length of use, but the total length including the interface. After removing the interface length, the actual length of the fishing rod is It's one or two hundred millimeters shorter. When measuring the length of a fishing rod, it is best to carry a ruler to measure, or you can make full use of on-site resources to measure. For example, the standard length of the counter is 1.8 meters, and the floor tiles also have a fixed width. Put the fishing rod on the counter. The length of the two counters is exactly 3.6 meters, and the length of the three counters is exactly 5.4 meters. This is exactly the standard length that the pre-induction should have. . You can also put the fishing rod on the ground, count the number of floor tiles, and multiply it by the length of the floor tiles to calculate the length of the fishing rod.


1 The long-section fishing rod lacks a few interfaces, which not only has a more even force when used, but also has a lighter weight. Don’t underestimate the weight of these interfaces. In a densely fished game field, you need it every day Thousands of rods are shot and lifted, even if only a few grams of weight are added to the fishing rod, the labor intensity will be very different.

2 The short-section fishing rod is easy to carry, whether it is placed in a basket or a rod bag, and it can even be tied horizontally on the rear rack of the bicycle without much impact on safety. The shortcoming of the short pole is that it has a few more interfaces, not only the force is not as even as the long pole, but compared with the long pole, under the premise of the same length, the weight of the short pole is also higher.


The difference between the two fishing rods: In contrast, the longer fishing rod is more vulnerable to damage. To give an example to illustrate this problem, two fishing rods of different lengths are tied to a basket hanging behind the bicycle. If the bicycle suddenly falls to the ground, the damage to the long fishing rod will be more serious. The reason is simple. The speed of the two bicycles falling to the ground is the same, and the moving speed of the top of the two fishing rods is different. The moving radius of the long rod is larger than the short rod, so the moving speed is much higher than that of the short rod. The impact force of the joint pole on the ground is much greater, and the top of the long joint pole is easily broken.


The competition has strict restrictions on the length of the fishing rod: the fishing rods allowed for the competition are basically 3.6 meters, 4.5 meters, and 5.4 meters. Each length is basically enough to be equipped with one soft and one hard. Under the circumstances, competitive anglers are equipped with fewer rods than recreational anglers. Every recreational angler is constantly purchasing and eliminating fishing rods, and there are many recreational anglers with dozens of fishing rods. Especially for those old anglers who have been fishing for decades, they are basically equipped with fishing rods of every length and hardness. Every time you travel, you must carry several fishing rods of different lengths, and choose the right rod according to the water conditions.


Step2 Price and brand of fishing rod
For a competitive angler, brand and price are very important issues, because it is related to their own face and ranking. Competitive fishing rods are carbon rods. Its price contains two major factors. One factor is the brand, and the other factor is the material and craftsmanship. Competitive fishing rods have relatively high requirements for the weight of the rod body. Under the premise of ensuring the hardness, the lighter the weight when used, the better. The material used to make carbon rods is carbon cloth, which is divided into different grades. The higher the grade, the lighter the weight and the higher the price, so the price of the fishing rod is also very high.

For a casual fisherman, the brand is not very important compared with the price, and the price occupies the first place.



Step3 The material of the fishing rod
About the material of the fishing rod At present, most of the fishing rods on the market are made of two materials, one is glass fiber reinforced plastic products, and the other is carbon plastic products. This is to use two different materials with high strength. The resin is mixed and then made into cloth of different specifications, which is made through processes such as rolling, drying, cutting, and painting.

The price of FRP fishing rods is very cheap, ranging from a few yuan to tens of yuan. The price of carbon fishing rods is relatively high. The lowest price is about one meter ten yuan. The lowest market price of 3.6 meters fishing rod is about thirty yuan. The lowest price for a length of fiberglass fishing rod is only a few yuan. It is precisely because of this price gap that some manufacturers have wrapped a layer of carbon on the surface of FRP fishing rods and sold them as carbon rods.

FRP fishing rod
It is a relatively old product. It appeared on the market in the 1970s. As soon as it appeared on the market, it put the fishing rod made of bamboo and wood on the stage of history.

Carbon fishing rod
It has only been popular for about ten years. I remember that it appeared on the market in the mid-1990s. Carbon rods appeared on the market, occupying the position of medium and high-end fishing rods, forcing FRP rods to retreat to low-end fishing rods. corner. Compared with two different material fishing rods, they each have their own advantages.

How can we distinguish between two different materials?

Tell you a way, carbon material is conductive, fiberglass fishing rod is insulated. The two materials are also significantly different in weight. Compared with fishing rods of the same length and the same tone, the weight of the carbon rod is much lighter. Generally speaking, a 3.6-meter carbon rod weighs only about 100 grams. At present, some 3.6-meter fishing rods only have more than seventy grams. Regarding the tonality of the fishing rod, it refers to the softness and hardness of the fishing rod. When the fishing rod bears the weight, it will inevitably bend. The hard-tuned rod bends less, and the soft-tuned rod bends more. Hard-tuned fishing rods are not as flexible as soft-tuned fishing rods. The role of the rod body in absorbing and consuming energy is relatively low. Therefore, a relatively thick fishing line needs to be used. The fish can be slipped out of the water in a relatively short period of time. To a certain extent, there are factors that drag on. The soft-tuned fishing rod can more fully overcome the explosive power of the fish and perfectly consume and absorb the energy of the fish, but it also has a problem, that is, because the fishing rod is very soft, it needs a relatively large amount to control the fish’s activities. It takes a long time to exhaust the power of the fish. Therefore, the use of soft-tuned fishing rods should be avoided in the competition field.




Step4 The hardness of the fishing rod
You can choose according to your own experience, hobbies and actual needs. Extend a fishing rod completely, or insert a plug-in rod, and then hold the handle and gently shake your wrist up and down. The front half of the fishing rod will shake, and the rest of the rod will remain motionless and bend. The boundary with stillness is the defining point of tonality. We assume that the fishing rod is divided into ten parts. If a certain fishing rod’s defined store is three times the length from the tip of the rod, then the fishing rod is three or seven tunes. And so on, and the rest is not too wordy. When shaking the fishing rod, pay attention to check a phenomenon. The fit between the interfaces of some fishing rods is not perfect. There is a large gap at the interface. It is not a perfect surface contact, but a bad point contact. , When the fishing rod is shaken, the hand will feel the shaking of "crack" and "crack", which is very inconsistent with the overall shaking of the fishing rod. Any fishing rod with this condition should be given up. Who buys Who was fooled. When it comes to the critical moment to withstand the power, the fishing rod first splits from here. Fishing rods in this situation often have a relatively large gap at the interface.


Step5 The quality of the fishing rod
The author has suffered in this aspect. I remember that I bought a FRP fishing rod with stubble in it. Because I didn’t have experience, I just made do with it. As a result, the rod would not shrink when the rod was closed. The fishing rod retracted, and the lower mouth of the upper section of the fishing rod was opened. Recall the reason carefully. When assembling the fishing rod, it was installed from the big end, just to suppress the stubble. When using it, the rod body was pulled toward the small head, and the stubble stood up. The stubble of the fishing rod blocked the return of the upper fishing rod, and the stubble opened the lower mouth of the upper fishing rod as soon as the force was applied. Therefore, the quality of the fishing rod is very important.

Observe whether there are scratches on the rod body
Touch the rod with your hand to check whether there are bulges or dents on the rod. This inspection is the key to the quality of the fishing rod, and it must not be careless. If you find this kind of bulging or recessed fishing rod in a certain brand, you should put it on your blacklist within a certain period of time, because it is defective in workmanship and should be a substandard product.

Check the interface
Extend each section of the fishing rod, and then check the gap of each interface. The gap at the interface should be within 20 threads. If each interface of a fishing rod exceeds this range, I will not choose this kind of rod. Up.

Finally, unscrew the rear plug of the fishing rod and take out each section of the fishing rod one by one. First, observe the two ends of each section and observe whether the wall thickness is uniform. If the thickness is uneven, then you have to say sorry.

Check the inner wall of the fishing rod against the light
The inner wall must be brilliance, and the rolled joints cannot be seen. If joints or stubble appear, these rods must be immediately abandoned. As mentioned earlier, the fishing rod is rolled, and at the same time it is rolled, the fishing rod must be hot pressed to melt the materials divided into several layers and fuse the rolled rod body into one. If there is a joint or stubble in the rod body, it means that there is a problem with the hot pressing temperature of the fishing rod.


Step6 Is the overall force of the fishing rod uniform?
This is the key to performance. When many small and medium-sized manufacturers produce fishing rods, they only produce the second half of the rod, and the first three sections are often purchased from outside. You can imagine what happens when a two-eight-tune fishing rod is installed with the first three sections of four- or six-tunes. For example, a four- or six-tune fishing rod is equipped with two-eight-tune tips. Is its overall force uniform? The unevenness of the overall force will affect the transmission of force, and there will be a hard spot at the change of tonality, making the force bear here is much greater than other positions. At this point, the bearing force exceeds the bearing limit, the fishing rod will definitely be here. Was pulled off. How to test the uniformity of the fishing rod? We first tie a straight line to the fishing rod, tie some heavy objects to the other end of the line, and then lift the rod to bear the weight of the rod. At this time, it can be clearly seen from the side Is the force uniform?


Step7 Challenge the lowest limit of the fishing rod
Pick up an item weighing more than 500 grams. If a fishing rod can't pick up this weight, it won't have the value of existence. Someone may ask, where can I find items with the right weight? We can use a full bottle of mineral water, or put the bait sold in the fishing tackle shop in a plastic bag. The weight is indicated on each bait package, making it easy to determine the total weight. Before doing this experiment, the store’s consent must be sought, and the responsibility system can only be carried out. Otherwise, if you break other people's unsturdy fishing rod, do you compensate or not? When assembling the fishing rod, the soft wire on the tip is not very strong. After the purchase, it must be reinforced with glue. According to the author’s experience, it’s best for the glued cord to be two to three millimeters higher than the tip of the pole. In other words, there are two to three millimeters of glue that is higher than the tip of the pole to prevent the tip of the pole from piercing the soft. Wire to avoid damage to the cord.